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Its ipswich getting promoted 32 times

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Q: Team promoted to premier league most times?
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What team has risen the farthest ie promoted from a low league to rise to the Premier League?


What football team was promoted to the Premier League in the play offs last season?


How often has team finishing third been promoted to English premier league?


How many times has Man city won the premier league?

37 times they are the best team in the premier league and always will be.

Team in cocacola championship playoff 2010?

Cardiff and Blackpool. Blackpool got promoted to the Premier League

Did all 3 promoted teams survive first season in Premier League?

In the 2008-2009 season of the English Premier League, Hull City F.C. and Stoke City F.C. were successful in retaining their Premier League status. West Bromwich Albion was the only promoted team to be relegated in that season.

What was the latest team to be promoted to the Scottish Premier League?

Dunfermline Athletic were promoted as Champions of the Scottish First Division in 2011, therefore gaining promotion.

Has any team won the premier league three times in a row?

Manchester United is the the only team has won the Premier League three times in a row from 1999 to 2001.

Which premier league team has the most points since the premier league began?

I'm 99% sure that it is Manchester United, as they have won the Premier League the most times

Which football team has been promoted and relegated the most times?

In the Premier League, there are 3 teams that have been in the championship and that they came back, Sunderland, Manchester City and West Brom.

Best team in the premier league?

it is a bit obvious, they have won the most premier league titles, 19 times - MANCHESTER UNITED <3

Best team in premier league?

it is a bit obvious, they have won the most premier league titles, 19 times - Manchester United <3

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