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They don't have one it's just Boston College.

The Boston College athletic teams are called the Eagles.

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Q: Team name of Boston College
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Does Boston college have a lacrosse team?

Boston college does in fact have a girl's lacrosse team, but is lacking a men's.

What is the name of Boston hockey team?

The Boston hockey team is the Boston Bruins.

What college was voted as the sports fans' favorite team?

boston college

What is the name of the MLB team in Boston team?

The Boston Red Sox

Who was the last team admitted into the ACC?

Boston College

The Boston College football team competes in what division?

Boston College is in the Atlantic Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What college football team did Matt Ryan play for?

Boston College Eagles

What is the name of the Boston basketball team?

Boston Celtics

What was the name of the Boston state college football team and Ski you their?

The Warriors,...Played for them 1979-1981,...Jim Gordon.

Does Boston College have a baseball team?

Yes, Boston College has a fairly good Division 1 baseball team. The head coach of Notre Dame came from having been the head coach at Boston College a couple of years ago.

What was the name of the first college in Boston?

Harvard College. It was America's first college also, not only the first in Boston.

What is the state of the Notre Dame college football team?


What is the name of the Boston baseball team?

The Boston Red Sox

What is the name of Boston's baseball team?

Boston red sox

What soccer team starts with the letter B?

Boston College Eagles is a college soccer team that begins with the letter B.

What is the name of the Boston baseball team franchise?

Boston Red Sox

What is the name of a college in Boston that starts with the letters Em?

Emerson College?

What is the name of boston's basketball team?


Which team name is the oldest in the NBA?

It is the Boston Celtics that has the oldest team name in the NBA.

What football team has a gold helmet with red mask?

Boston College Eagles

Which college team first used the shovel pass?

Western Maryland College 11/11/32 against Boston College. Documented 11/12/32 The Boston Hearld

What baseball team was the Boston Americans?

The Boston Americans was the name of the American League team from 1901 to 1907. In 1908 the name was changed to the Red Sox.

Is the Boston Celtics a city or a state?

Boston Celtics is the name of a professonal Basketball team in Boston, Massachusetts.

What is the name of boston's farm team?

Providence Bruins

What is the name of the Boston professional basketball team?