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jonah lomu at 1.96cm.

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Q: Tallest back who has played test rugby?
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What sport is played in the ANZAC test?

Rugby league, is played in the ANZAC test.

Who has played the most test matches in rugby?

George Gregan played 139 Tests for Australia

What is a rugby test?

When 2 countries play against each other, it is known as a Rugby Test.

How many rugby test matches have South Africa won?

They have played 407 and won 255 (62.65%)

Has South Africa's Springbok ever been held to no score in a rugby test match played in South Africa?


Who has the most points in test rugby?

dan carter

Has newzealand beat Australia over 100 times in rugby union?

New Zealand has played Australia in Rugby Union test matches 132 times. The All Blacks have won 88 times, lost 39 and drawn 5.

Most test tries in rugby history?

Daisuke Ohata of Japan with 69 test tries.

What is a test for endurance in sport?

the test would be a physical game like rugby league or union but to test it it takes alot of practise

What are rugby Test jerseys?

A test Jersey is the shirt worn by players when playing an international game which is also known as a test match

What test venue finished its days a rugby ground in 1999?


What are the release dates for Design Squad - 2007 Crash-Test Rugby 3-2?

Design Squad - 2007 Crash-Test Rugby 3-2 was released on: USA: 18 October 2009