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Thierry Henry's highest goal tally in a English Premier League season is 30 during the 2003-2004 season.

That season, Arsenal went through the whole season undefeated (26W and 13D), first time the feat was achieved in 115 years (Preston North End went unbeaten throughout the 1888-89 season).

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Q: THIERRY Henry's highest number of goals in a premier league?
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Who is the premier leagues third highest goal scorer ever?

Thierry Henry - 174 Premier League Goals

How many premier league goals has Henry scored?

Thierry Henry has scored 174 goals in the Premier League, the third highest of all time.

Who scored more Premier League goals Robbie Fowler or Thierry Henry?

Thierry Henry has

Which players have played in world cup final and premier league?

Thierry Henry.

Who won the golden boot in the Barclays Premier League 2005-2006?

thierry Henry

Which English player has scored the most goals in the English premier league and has never played for England?

Thierry Henry, with 174 goals The highest ever is Alan Shearer, with 260 =] hope i helped!

Which is better the championship league or the premier league?

The English Premier League is the highest league in English Football, while the Npower Championship League is the league below the premier league. Financially and popularly, it is much better to be in the Premier League instead of the Championship League.

What is the highest football league in Ukraine called?

ukranian premier league

Who is the English premier league highest paid players?

Highest Paid Barclays Premier League playerWayne Rooney Manchester United £250,000 a week

Who has won a world cup and European cup and premier league?

It is the French striker thierry Henry , with France and Arsenal.

Who was the top scorer of EPL in 2002?

The top scorer of the English Premier League (EPL) in 2002 was Thierry Henry.

Who was the top scorer of EPL in 2004?

The top scorer of the English Premier League (EPL) in 2004 was Thierry Henry.