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"Rugby Chapel" is a poem written by Matthew Arnold in 1857 but not published until 1867. This poem is a tribute to Arnold's dead father, who was his mentor and inspiration for much of his work.

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Q: Summary of rugby chapel by Arnold?
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When was Rugby Chapel created?

Rugby Chapel was created in 1916.

When did William Richard Arnold - rugby player - die?

William Richard Arnold - rugby player - died on 1957-07-30.

When was William Richard Arnold - rugby player - born?

William Richard Arnold - rugby player - was born on 1881-07-07.

What has the author John Barclay Hope Simpson written?

John Barclay Hope Simpson has written: 'Rugby since Arnold' -- subject(s): Rugby School

What are all of the names of Matthew Arnold poems?

Matthew Arnold, Poet (1822- 1888 ).A few of the poems written by Matthew Arnold are the following:01. Dover Beach.02. The Forsaken Merman.03. The Last World.04. To Marguerite.05. Requiescat.06. Philomela.07. Sohrab And Rustum.08. Shakespeare.09. The Scholar Gipsy.10. Rugby Chapel.11. Thyrsis.12. A Summer Night.13. The Future.

What has the author John B Hope-Simpson written?

John B. Hope-Simpson has written: 'Rugby since Arnold'

Critical analysis of rugby chapel?

Rugby Chapel is one of the well-known elegies of Matthew Arnold.In this poem poet wants to commemorate his illustrious father.Poet's father was a symbol of purity and moral earnestness.Normally a little austere and intellectual,Arnold in this poem is occasionally effusive and even sentimental.He pays glowing tribute to his father passionately,and the poignant emotion can be distinctly heard in every syllable.Yet the classical restraint is not undermined.His grief is genuine.but he knows how to control it. He does not give way to emotion as Shelley does in Adonais.The poem was written fifteen years after the death of Dr.Arnold,and therefore,it is almost emotion recollected in tranquillity.For it is the Rugby Chapel which reminds him of his father.The poem is strikingly meditative in spirit.The poet does not mourn the death of his father.He simply mourns the weakness and weariness,the suffering and misery of mankind,who have been ed astray, and whom his father,ike God's good angel,has come to recue.He glorifies his father and doe not shed tears over his death.

Write a note on the elegiac quality of Matthew Arnold's poetry?

Matthew Arnold is the greatest elegiac poet in the world of poetry.His most famous elegiac poems are The Scholar Gipsy, Thyrsis, Dover Beach, A Summer Night, Rugby Chapel. His elegiac poetry is more than a mere expression pf sorrow. His poetry invariably becomes reflective and philosophical. Poetry according to Matthew Arnold is a criticism of life. This is quite true about his own poetry. Garrod rightly says: "His poetry, profoundly melancholic, runs from the world, runs from it, as I think, hurt, hurt in some vital part.

What has the author Martyn F Brawn written?

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What has the author M Pindzola written?

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