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judicial circuit

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Q: Submitting a judicial candidate's name to the home state before a senatorial hearing is called?
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What is another name for judicial preceeding?

A judicial preceding can be a "judicial hearing" or a trial.

In an administrative hearing decisions are made by an judicial officer called what?

Magistrates make administrative hearing decisions.

Is judicial review the same as hearing an appeal?

No. They are two differenct processes.

Who are good candidates for stapedectomies?

Good candidates for the surgery are those who have a fixed stapes from otosclerosis, and a conductive hearing loss at least 20 dB.

Which step in the pretrial activities does a judicial officer determine whether a crime has been committed?

During the preliminary hearing, a judicial officer determines if a crime was committed. In the United States, the defendant has a right to be assisted by counsel.

Who are candidates for a stapedectomy?

Candidates for a stapedectomy are individuals with otosclerosis, a condition where abnormal bone growth in the middle ear causes hearing loss. They typically have conductive hearing loss, often unimproved by hearing aids, and show a good prognosis for surgery based on audiometric testing and medical evaluation. Additionally, they should have realistic expectations and be in overall good health for surgery.

What does HTS waived for preliminary hearing mean?

HTS waived for preliminary hearing means the defendants forgoes his rights to this hearing. The defendant just wishes to proceed to the next step of the judicial process.

Discuss the similarities and difference between arbitration and judicial hearings?

Committee chairpersons decide if a bill will get a hearing or not.

Contest a power of attorney?

You must file a motion with the court requesting a judicial hearing to contest the POA.

How do you fight a temporary restaining order in Hawaii?

File a motion to request a judicial hearing and contest the order.

What is revocation hearing?

Sort of a "catch-all" description for a judicial, a non-judicial, or a 'quasi-judicial' hearing at which decisions are made. It could have reference to a DMV hearing at which a decision on your drivers license is being considered - a quasi-judcial hearing at which a decision is gong to be made about revoking your parole/probation, etc.

How do you subpoena someone in Michigan?

If the individual has some material information to contribute to your judicial hearing, you request that the court subpoena them on your behalf.