Stunts for weak cheerleaders

Updated: 9/27/2023
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if the cheerleaders arent strong enough to do the difficult stunts you can start doing a simple prep a prep is when the flyer is held by her feet a chest level by the bases and the backspot is holding her ankles lifting some weight off the bases making it easier. once u get that you can then try a cradle. when doing a cradle bases just toss the flyer in the air from a prep then cetching her in their arms and having hte backspot cetch the flyers armpits. once you can do all that then you can try to go up to an extention, meaning holding the flyer above the bases hands. a cupie is also a simple stunt. The Cupie (called an "Awesome" in some regions) is almost identical to the Full Extension except that the flyer's feet are together, in one hand of a single base or with one foot in the hands of two bases. In a partner stunt the difference between a cupie and an awesome has to do with what the male is doing with his free hand. If the free hand is on the hip then it is a cupie, if the free hand is in a high V then it's an awesome. the thigh stand is the simplest stunt in cheering. A Thigh Stand is one of the simplist stunts. The bases kneel on one leg and have their feet touching each other by the sides of their shoes. The back spot will hold the flyer at the waist. She will dip and jump onto the bases thighs.

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ALWAYS: Stunt on a mat and with trained coaches. Also, check rules to make sure these stunts are legal. Basket Toss ( add a skill such as toe-touch) One footed Extensions Two and a half High pyramids

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i would say one of the hardest is the wolf wall. that is pretty hard.but the scariest is the superman!!!

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Q: Stunts for weak cheerleaders
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What do push ups do for cheerleaders?

cheerleaders do push up to build upper strength in their arms to be able to do stunts and work on harder stunts and some time as punishment for talking to much ( stunts are when you hold up others cheerleaders)

How cool are cheerleaders?

cheerleaders are the coolest people in the world.

What is a Stunts for twelve cheerleaders?

you could do a pyrmaid, if you check you tube or you'll find some really good ones.

Why is cheerleading big in America?

Cheerleading is big in America because it is a form of entertainment. Cheerleaders do chants and stunts to get the crowd hyped. A lot of people enjoy looking at cheerleaders in their cute little outfits too.

Why is cheerleading a strong competition?

Because all the cheerleaders have worked so hard all season on the routine and the stunts and they want to win!

Where can one view videos of cheer stunts professionally performed?

There are literally thousands of videos that can be found on the internet where one can view stunts professionally performed by cheerleaders and other professionals. One of the most popular sites for such videos is YouTube.

What are cheerleading school?

Cheerleading Schools are for incoming cheerleaders. They teach you everything there is to know about cheerleading. They teach you stunts, cheers, dances, stretching, flexability, safety etc... :)

Why do some middle school cheerleading coaches not allow stunts?

Cheerleaders do stunts because they want to show the judges something awesome. There are always fun and new stunts that have never been invented.

What is the point of cheerleaders?

The point of cheerleading is to support the team, while entertaining the crowd. Cheerleaders do this by performing stunts, tumbling, dancing, cheering, and being peppy. While cheerleading started out as a sideline only sport it has evolved into being a very competitive sport. For many schools cheerleaders have a football, competition , and then basketball season, which is alot to take in !

Was cheerleading played differently then it is now?

Yes, cheer has changed alot. Years ago, cheerleaders wore long skirts and had larger poms . They also did a smaller variety of stunts and they were lower level than they are now. Cheerleading routines were choreographed differently and so were different stunts. Cheerleaders didn't do much tumbling either. Competitive cheerleading has also became popular over the years. So, yes cheer has changed and has became more dangerous, but way more popular.

What are the different kinds of stunts?

The different kinds of stunts in gymnastics are individual stunts, dual stunts and group stunts. Individual stunts are performed by a single person, dual stunts are performed by partners and group stunts are performed by 3 or more persons.

What is the plural possessive nouns of cheerleaders?

The possessive form of the plural noun 'cheerleaders' is cheerleaders'.example: The cheerleaders' practice is at three today.