Stubborn as a or Kicks like a?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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The ansfer is Mule

"Stubborn as a mule" An old saying =)

- Gothikah, chessie and bay server

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Q: Stubborn as a or Kicks like a?
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How do you be like Mary crawley from Downton Abbey?

Be stubborn!! Dye your hair brown and act really stubborn like she is. Wear your hair like she does!

How was motoaka childhood like?

stubborn and playful

What does Taylor swift like about her favorite song?

She likes that it is a song about being stubborn, and describes herself as somewhat stubborn to.

How does it feel when a fetus kicks inside the uterus?

The very first kicks that you can feel feel like someone is flicking you from the inside with their finger. The later kicks feel like a knee or elbow is kicking or pressing on you inside (which it is!).

Cramps and feels like kicks what is it?

a baby

Why is it that when the baby kicks it feels like an electrical shock?

The baby is probably pressing up against some nerves when it kicks.

What do you put a football on when you punt it?

Nothing you hike it back yo the kicker and he kicks it like a golly kicks when he gets the ball.

What type of rhetorical tool is like a stubborn label?


Do guys like you if they call you stubborn?

not at all they get really annoyed

Is ignorant the same as stubborn?

No not at all. Ignorant is a word describing someone who is unaware/uninformed. Stubborn is being persistent about something like a opinion.

Is swimming scientific?

It can be such as the ratio of kicks per strokes or kicks per lengths just depends on your strengths and how you would like to look at it.

What is the definition of stubborn?

Stubborn in Punjabi is said like thisTeeth ( The second t is also pronounced like the first one, unlike tooth and teeth in which the first has a different pronunciation and the second different...)