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Q: Step by step to make a applique single thread?
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Where is applique technique used?

The technique used to make designing an applique by using pinning and tacking into a materials

What are the advantages and the disadvantages of using applique?

The advantage of using applique is that you can make your design stand out and make it pop. A disadvantage is that it can often fray and unravel.

What could be a good slogan for synthetic fibers?

a single fibre cannot make a thread . like a single tree cannot make a forest.

Can you make a felt Big Bird applique and sell it?

probly not

A thread represents the files data and that make up a single running task or application true or false?

its true.

How do you make kandi cuffs?

start with a single but keep one very long end . take your next bead and thread it on the elastic then thread the elastic two beads over and repeat

Is Servlet instance Thread safe If not how can you make thread safe?

No. The Servlet is not thread-safe by default. You can make it thread safe by implementing the SingleThreadedModel interface

In relation to Java what is a thread?

A Java Thread is a thread of execution in a Java Program. A Java Virtual Machine can have a single application running multiple threads, which is known as concurrency. Threads are what make the program run. Each thread has a different priority, and when the machine queue fills up, the threads are executed in the order of their priority.

Why is the silk moth killed?

Silk worms are killed to make silk which is a sought after soft fabric. It takes 15 silk worms to make a single gram of silk thread.

Why initial denaturation step is done before denaturation step in PCR?

To make sure the double-strand DNA template is separated into single strands.

What is a whip stitch stitch?

A whip stitch in crochet means to thread a yarn needle with yarn and "sew" essentially. For instance, if you make an applique such as a truck, and wish to put it onto a blanket, you would thread your yarn needle with matching yarn, begin underneath, and stitch it to the blanket as you would sew a patch onto a pair of jeans. It also means to sew two peices together-as in if you have two straight edges like two granny squares to make an afghan, to stitch the two together.

How do you make an applique?

you have 2 or more pieces of fabric, one for your background and the other your shape/pattern which you want to attach. you attach it simply by sewing around the edge of the fabric usually with a zig-zag stitch. by doing this you using applique to attach the fabric.