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The exterior measurements of a Lacrosse field is 60 yards wide by 110 yards long

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Q: Standard size of lacrosse field
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What is the size of lacrosse nets?

Field lacrosse is 6x6 and an indoor or 'box' next is 4x4.

How long is a girls lacrosse field?

same size as a men's lacrosse field 110 yards 10 less than a football field

What lacrosse has the least physical contact?

Girls Lacrosse Otherwise Standard field has a bit less than Box.

What is the size of a lacrosse field?

120 long 60 yards across.

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

When was field lacrosse invented?

field lacrosse was invented in the 1943's

What is the size of an indoor lacrosse field?

the NLL site says that the indoor LAX field is the size of a hockey rink. a standard hockey rink is 200 ft x 85 ft and an Olimpic rink is 200ft x 100ft the boards are 4ft and the plexiglass on top of the boards is 4 ft for an 8ft enclosure around the field.

Which is bigger a lacrosse field or football field?

A lacrosse field is wider by a yard or so and shorter by 10 or so yards.

How big is a field lacrosse crease?

The crease on the men's lacrosse field has a radius of 9 feet.There is a link to a printable field layout here that will answer your question.

Baseball field size?

A baseball field does not have a standard size. They can vary in shape and size and major league baseball fields are larger than most.

Which is easier lacrosse or field hockey?

field hockey

How are field hockey and lacrosse alike?

they r on a field

What are the dimensions of a lacrosse field?

The exterior measurements of a lacrosse field is 60 yards wide by 110 yards long.

Can you use field hockey balls in lacrosse?

No Field Hockey balls are too hard and are not bouncy enough for lacrosse.

When was field lacrosse made?

The same time lacrosse was made, so look at the question, "when was lacrosse made".

How many standard size footballs will cover a football field?


How is lacrosse similar to soccer?

They are both flow sports that require a lot of running. The positions, scoring and field size are the same.

How log is a lacrosse field?

The same as a football or soccer field.

What is box lacrosse?

Box lacrosse is where it is inside an arena or building, a bit different from field lacrosse which is played outside.

How many acres is a lacrosse field?

An acre is 43560 square feet. A lacrosse field is 60 yards by 110 yards. The total square footage of a lacrosse field is 59400. 59400/43560= 1.36 acres.

Where is the home field for the Brown Bear's lacrosse team?

The Brown Bears lacrosse team's home field is Stevenson Field. The Brown Bears lacrosse team plays for Brown University which is located in Providence, Rhode Island.

What is the perimeter of an English football field in meters?

It varies from 270m to 420m, because the size of the football field is not standard. For international matches, where the size of the field is standarised, the perimeter is 346m.

What are the differences between box lacrosse and field lacrosse?

: There are tons of differences. You can start with where you play, obviously, field or an arena. The defensemens sticks are different lengths(field lacrosse defenders have 6 foot long sticks, box defenders have normal sticks), the size of the nets and the goalies.6 by 6 feet in field, 4 by 4 in box. Size of the goalies,full padding in box with little room to shoot at, or field, where the only difference between the goalie and the players is the stick.The fact that there are offsides in field lacrosse, there are no offsides in box. etc. : I'm bored so im not going to list any more, but i could go on for pages on how they are different.

Lacrosse was originally known as?


A field game with a netted stick?