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As of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Sri Lanka has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

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Q: Sri lanka in winter Olympics
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How many medals did sri lanka win in 2008 Olympics?

No olympic medals for Sri Lanka in 2008.

What is the name winter in Sri Lanka?

They dont get Winter!

Did sri lanka take part the 2012 Olympics?

Sri Lanka team will consist of seven athletes in four sports for 2012 Summer Olympics in London

How many times did sri lanka take part in Olympics?

The 2008 Games in Beijing will be the 8th Olympics for the country as Sri Lanka. The country also participated in 7 Olympic Games as Ceylon.

Why Sri Lanka is called Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is called Sri Lanka because it means beautiful Island

What are some of the more popular newspapers in Sri Lanka?

Some popular newspapers in Sri Lanka are: Sri Lanka Digest; Sri Lanka on the news; Wake up fast so I can eat; Sri Lanka Inquisitor; The Sri Lanka Gazette; Sri Lanka PWNS J00;

What is the postal country code for Sri Lanka?

The postal country code for Sri Lanka is "SRI LANKA."

Who founded Sri Lanka?

Sri Lankans founded Sri Lanka

Does Justin Bueber know Sri Lanka and does he like Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a country…not a person

How many districts in Sri Lanka?

sri lanka is a Asian country. there are 25 districts in sri lanka.

What is the mother country of Sri lanka?

Sri lanka

How do you say Sri Lanka in french?

Sri Lanka

Is Sri Lanka in the Europe?

No, Sri Lanka is in Asia.

Is Sri Lanka or indiabetter in cricket?

Sri lanka

What are the biomes in Sri Lanka?

what biome is sri lanka

What is sri lanka the capital of?

Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia. Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is the official capital of Sri Lanka.

What kind of clothing do they wear in Sri Lanka?

what type of clothing do they were in sri lanka what type of clothing do they were in sri lanka

When did sri lanka's name change to sri lanka?

The name was changed to Sri Lanka on 1972 May 22

Are people in Sri Lanka black?

Sri lanka is a Asian country. most of peoples of sri lanka are not black.

How many medals have Sri Lanka won at Olympics games 2012?


Justin Bieber come to sri lanka?

Yeah he likes Sri Lanka because now Sri Lanka is developing fast.And also Sri Lanka has lot of Justin bieber fans.So he'll definetly come to Sri Lanka

What ocean surrounds Sri lanka?

Sri Lanka is located beside India therefore the ocean which surrounds Sri Lanka is the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is part of the Asian continent.

Does Sri Lanka have Mountains?

yes the tallest mountain in Sri Lanka is Pithruthalagala. I know because I'm from Sri Lanka

Who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is a Buddhist country. monque Mihindu brought Buddhism to sri lanka.

How did the President of Sri Lanka become the leader of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a democration country.President is chosen through an election.