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In Brazil Soccer (football)

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2009-02-23 02:06:25
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Q: Sports played in south America
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What sports are played in south america?

basketball, golf, volleyball, and massively soccer.

What are the popular sports in South America?


What are the top five sports played in America?

The top 5 sports played in America are: Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey.

What are the five most popular sports in South America?

football (soccer) is the most popular sport in south America

What sports are played in Central America?

hockey lots of hockey and soccer are played in central America

What are the sports in the south America?

South America is football crazy with the two most successful nations being Brazil (home of Pele) and Argentina (home of Maradona). Other sports include Basketball, voleyball, and in the English country of Guyana - Cricket. Golf and tennis are also regularly played.

What sports were played in America in 1835-1845?


The most widley played sport in America?

The sports played the most in America are football, basketball and baseball. Other popular sports are soccer, hockey, and tennis.

When did Soccer get to America?

Depends on which "America" you speak of. In South America soccer has been around since B.C. In Central America,also,sports similar to soccer were played by the Myans and Aztecs. But, in North America the sport did not catch on until the early 1990's. North America is late-Most of the world-especially Europe,South and Central America have played for centuries- & most of them LIVE for the game!

What sports does South Americans play?

In South America they Play a lot of soccer, volleyball and basketball

What are the sports played in America but not played in Mexico?

Football is the only one i can think of

What sports were played in America during ww1?

womens baseball

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