Sports played in Jamaica

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Q: Sports played in Jamaica
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Related questions

What sports do Jamaica have?

the most popular sport played in jamaica is cricket. athletics is another.

What are the most popular sports played in Jamaica?

soccer and track.

What are the 3 major sports played in Jamaica?

- Cricket - Basketball - Bobsled

What kind of sports are played in Jamaica?

In Jamaica they play basketball and soccer but i think they still call soccer fu'tball

What sports does Jamaica play?

soccerrr (:

National sports of Jamaica?


Who is the Minister Without Portfolio With Responsibility for Sports for Jamaica?

Natalie Neita-Headley is the Minister Without Portfolio With Responsibility for Sports for Jamaica.

What sports does Jamaica?

they make jamaicas on the streets

What is the most enjoyed sport in Jamaica?

The most enjoyed sports in Jamaica are Cricket and Football

Does Jamaica play sports?

6/7/07: Typical of our culture, the sports played in Jamaica is also diverse. We play most of the sports of the Commonwealth, the Americas, and of course, those we acquired from our many peoples. Despite this variety, I assure you - whether it is outdoor or indoor sports- there is no deeper passion anywhere else!Here is a good snopsis: ---- Yes. The major sports played in Jamaica are Soccer (Football) and Cricket. (...and don't forget their Olympic bobsled team.)There is a movie called cool running's and it's about the Jamaican bobsled team.

What sports do jamaicans play?

Jamaicans play several different sports. However, the main sport i Jamaica is cricket. They have played in several cricket world cups and won in 1979.

What are two popular sports in Jamaica?

Cricket and Netball

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