Sports for Fiji

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Rugby League

Rugby Union



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Q: Sports for Fiji
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Related questions

Which sports do they play in Fiji?

rugby and soccer

What are the sports played in Fiji?

rugby and soccer

What are the popular sports in Fiji?

7s Rugby and Soccer.

What were the traditional sports about in Fiji?

rugby 7's

What are some names of sports played in Fiji?

some names of sports played in fiji are fijian basketball and fijian soccer and fijian football and fijian cheerleading and fijian volleyball

What are some sports in fiji?

rugby, soccer and cricket are the most popular

Where can one find news for the Fiji Islands?

You can find news for the Fiji Islands online at the Fiji Times website. Once on the page, you will have access to news, classifieds, sports and more.

What kind of information is found in Fiji Times?

You can find all kinds of information in the Fiji Times. They have all the information on Sports, All the News for Fiji, Business News and Classifieds.

What sports are Fiji competing in at the 2008 Olympics?

Fiji sent athletes to compete in the 2008 Games in shooting, swimming, weightlifting, judo, and athletics.

Who is the hiest paid sports person in Fiji?

Vijay Singh/pro golfer

What type of sports do the fijians play?

what sort of sport do fiji people play

What is the university in Fiji?

There is a University of the South Pacific located at Laucala Bay Sports City Fiji Islands. Also there is a Fiji School of Medicine in Tamavua. University of Fiji is located in Lautoka, Fiji School of Hospitality located in Nasese, Fiji Theological College located in Tailevu, Fiji School of Nursing located in Tamavua and the Fiji Institute of Technology located in Samabula. These tertiary, universities, and schools serves the people of Fiji and the Pacific.

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