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Q: Sport question in the topic 'longest?
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What is Hillary Clinton's favorite topic?

hillary clintons favorite topic is sport and listening to miusic

What is the longest professional team sport on the world?


What sport uses the longest stick?

Pole Vault

Why is golf still considered to be a sport?

Because it is a sport.The third definition of SPORT is: An active pastime; recreation.See:

What is the duration of A Question of Sport?

The duration of A Question of Sport is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the longest in Italy?

Longest what in Italy? Did question makes no sense.

What is a great Science Fair Question for a 12 year old?

i am 14 years old. i did one when i was twelve on which battery lasts the longest. i tested on three different batteries. that was a really fun topic for me.

What winter olympic sport uses the longest skiis?

Ski Jumping

Who has the Longest consecutive playoff appearances in any sport?

Red wings

What professional sport city has gone the longest without a championship?


How do you know that information is unrelated to the topic and can be eliminated?

In your mind, change the topic sentence into a question. If the information can be used as an answer to that question, then it is good supporting information. Any information which does not directly answer the topic "question" can be eliminated.

Why is there so much confusion about the river Amazon and Nile?

The topic is the difference of opinion as to which is actually the longest. At present the vast majority of opinion is that the Nile is the longest.