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Both "flier" and "flyer" are correct, but "flier" is more common and should be preferred in most writing.

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Q: Spelling. Which is correct Kite fliers or Kite flyers?
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What actors and actresses appeared in The Kite Flyers - 2011?

The cast of The Kite Flyers - 2011 includes: Agata Jarosz as Franca Phillip Laing as Stuart Rhiannon Wolff as Young Franca

Some kite flyers prefer very small kites.What is the perimeter of kite MNOP Round to the nearest tenth of a inch?

17.2 in

How do you spell par a sailing?

The term is all one word "parasailing" (kite-assisted towed flight).

What are kite festivals?

Kite festivals are gatherings of kite flyers either from a region or from all around the world. Many kite festivals are organised by clubs. The clubs exist to provide public liablity insurance, air space clearance to fliers and for social gatherings. We get together to see each others kites and swap designs and ideas and perhaps buy a few new kites. There are normally kite sellers at the events and entrance is normally free or very cheap to the public. Most will have catering vans and a few have craft stalls. Each festival is slightly different in flavour some are mostly for competitions (STACK) where fliers do wonderful kite dances to music. Some have lots of big display kites. They are a great family outing. Festivals of note in the UK are Washington, Bristol and Wirral. In Europe Fano and Chervia. In America Niagra has a reputation as a good international event.

What is the correct pronunciation for empfindsamkeit?

The correct pronunciation for "empfindsamkeit" is [ɛmpfɪntsamtkaɪt].

How does a kite flying competition work?

In America, kite flying competitions have two different categories; ballet, where the kite flyer choreographs a flying routine to music lasting a few minutes, and precision, where the competitor performs a series of maneuvers without music and are judged on their accuracy. In other places of the world, a competition is much more aggressive and often features the kite flyers trying to cut the lines of their opponents with their kites.

How do you say 'goodbye' in maori?

E noho ra, Hei konei ra, or Ka kite ano - I'm unsure of whether the spelling in those words is correct or not, but that's definitely the right terminology.To say goodbye in Maori:"Haere ra" - say to someone who is leaving."E noho ra" - say to someone who is staying."Ka kite ano i a koe" ( I'll see you again) - say to one person."Ka kite ano i a korua" (I;ll see you again) - say to two people."ka kite ano i a koutou" (I'll see you again) - say to three or more people.(this is often shortened colloquially to "ka kite ano" or even "ka Kite).

What quadrilaterals have diagonals that intersect at right angles?

Rectangle and Square I think. * * * * * Unfortunately, not correct. Square and Kite but not Rectangle.

What is a 4 letter word beginning with the letter k?

* kite * kill * kick * keepKalamazoo, Kazechastan, and Kovo (don't complain about spelling) are some places.

What does puadrilateral mean?

It's a spelling mistake - the word is QUADRILATERAL and it means having four sides - like a square, rectangle, oblong, kite, diamond and such.

Is a kite a rhombus?

yes its nonsensical * * * * * The self-contradictory answer is correct to the extent that it is nonsensical. A rhombus is a quadrilateral with two pairs of parallel sides and all sides of equal length. A kite cannot have any parallel sides.

Which polygon has line symmetry but not rotational symmetry?

A kite, for example.A kite, for example.A kite, for example.A kite, for example.