Souvenirs you can get a baseball game?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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There are many different souvenirs that you can buy at the ballpark. Everything from souvenir programs, to T-Shirts, mini Baseball bats, caps, cups, and foam number #1 Fan hands. Some of the more popular souvenirs are pennants, and stamped autographed souvenir team baseballs.

Pennants and Souvenir baseballs are usually the first souvenirs kids get from their first trip to the ballpark. They have become highly collectible over the years as well. Stadium Give aways (SGA) are a fan favorite as well. Sometimes teams will give away items like bobble heads, baseball bats, or caps at the ballpark. See Related Links below for some examples of these collectible souvenirs.

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Q: Souvenirs you can get a baseball game?
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