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They have played each other 68 times to date. Here are the league Games followed by the cup meetings:


Southampton vs PortsmouthDateVenueScoreCompetition11 September 1920The Dell5-1Third Division25 March 1922The Dell1-1Third Division (South)27 September 1924The Dell0-0Second Division5 September 1925The Dell1-3Second Division15 January 1927The Dell0-2Second Division27 August 1960The Dell5-1Second Division2 March 1963The Dell4-2Second Division8 February 1963The Dell2-3Second Division16 January 1965The Dell2-2Second Division28 August 1964The Dell2-2Second Division14 September 1974The Dell2-1Second Division17 April 1975The Dell4-0Second Division3 January 1988The Dell0-2First Division21 December 2003St Mary's3-0Premier League13 November 2004St Mary's2-1Premier LeagueSouthampton winsDrawsPortsmouth wins744

Portsmouth vs SouthamptonDateVenueScoreCompetition18 September 1920Fratton Park0-1Third Division18 March 1922Fratton Park0-2Third Division (South)29 November 1924Fratton Park1-1Second Division16 January 1926Fratton Park1-2Second Division28 August 1926Fratton Park3-1Second Division31 December 1960Fratton Park1-1Second Division13 October 1962Fratton Park1-1Second Division28 September 1963Fratton Park2-0Second Division12 September 1964Fratton Park0-3Second Division5 February 1966Fratton Park2-5Second Division26 December 1974Fratton Park1-2Second Division6 April 1976Fratton Park0-1Second Division22 August 1987Fratton Park2-2First Division21 March 2004Fratton Park1-0Premier League24 April 2005Fratton Park4-1Premier LeaguePortsmouth winsDrawsSouthampton wins447

Cup tournamentPortsmouth score given first.DateScoreWinnerCompetitionVenue13/01/19061-5SouthamptonFA CupThe Dell20/01/19840-1SouthamptonFA CupFratton Park07/01/19960-3SouthamptonFA CupThe Dell02/12/20030-2SouthamptonLeague CupSt Mary's29/01/20051-2SouthamptonFA CupSt Mary's13/02/20104-1PortsmouthFA CupSt Mary's
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Q: Southampton fc match history against Portsmouth fc?
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Paul Wash played for Liverpool year 1984-1988If I'm not wrong there was a match in 1988-1989 season against Southampton.

Are Portsmouth football matches televised abroad?

League matches probably arent but if they get into a cup match then these may be televised in the country of the team they are playing against

Which match had the highest total number of goals in premiership?

The greatest number of goals scored in a single Premier League game is 11, in a match which Portsmouth won 7 - 4 against Reading on September 29, 2007.

What is the most goals in an English premier league game?

The highest scoring match in English Premier League history is 7-4, Portsmouth vs Reading on September 29th, 2007.

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The teams are Chelsea and Portsmouth. A match between Goliath and David.

Who soccer the goal of the year 2008 in premier league?

The BBC Match of the Day Goal of the year 2008/09 was scored by Glen Johnson for Portsmouth during the league game against Hull on 22-Nov-2008.

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It was Portsmouth

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