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Peyton and Eli Manning are both sons of Archie Manning

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Q: Sons of quarterbacks playing as quarterbacks?
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How many left handed quarterbacks playing college football?


What backup quarterbacks won a super bowl playing?

tom brady

Who are the three oldest playing quarterbacks in the NFL this season?

Brett Favre is easily one of them.

Are there MSU quarterbacks playing in the NFL?

Brian Hoyer - New England Drew Stanton - Detroit

Do backup quarterbacks get paid just as much as normal quarterbacks?

No. Starting quarterbacks are paid more than backup quarterbacks.

Who were he 2 quarterbacks playing in the Miami Dolphins when they won the Super Bowl?

Bob Griese and Earl Morral

What is John Tyler's favorite activity?

playing marble with his sons

What Ohio state quarterbacks have played in the NFL?

Terrelle Pyror is a former Ohio State quarterback that is playing in the NF. Troy Smith and Joe Germaine are also former Ohio State quarterbacks that played in the NFL.

How many quarterbacks are in the 2008 Steelers team?

4 quarterbacks.

What Michigan wolverines quarterbacks are playing in the NFL currently?

Tom Brady, John Navarre, Todd Collins, and Chad Henne

Who were the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the NFL?

who are the 10 oldest quarterbacks in the nfl ?

How many ex nfl players have sons playing in college?


Do football quarterbacks have radios?

Yes, quarterbacks do have radios inside their helmets that their coach can tell them what to do. But quarterbacks are not allowed to talk to them for a time period.

How many quarterbacks are on the field?

well when you are talking about football their are only 2 quarterbacks on the Field at once: you have the offense and the defense. that being said their is also two more sitting on the bench just in cause something was to happen to the quarterback who is playing

Why do quarterbacks touch fingertips together?

to signal the quarterbacks desire to "huddle up"

Who are the quarterbacks of each team playing the 2009 super bowl?

Kurt Warner for the Arizona Cardinals Ben Roethlisburger for the Pittsburgh Steelers

How many African-American quarterbacks currently in the NFL?

Click on the 'Black Quarterbacks - 2007' link on this page to see African American quarterbacks that are on rosters.

Who are sons of ex NFL players now playing in the NFL?

Peyton Manning and Eli Mannng are the sons of former QB Archie Manning.

How many quarterbacks are active per team during the NFL season?

There are 3 quarterbacks

How many NFL quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl four times?

5 quarterbacks:)

How many quarterbacks won 3 superbowls?

2 Quarterbacks have won three superbowls.

Which former virginia tech football players are playing in the nfl?

Hokie quarterbacks include Michael Vick with the Eagles and Tyrod Taylor with the Ravens.

What hand does quarterbacks throw the most?

most quarterbacks throw with there right hand the most, like adrian baugh that goes to lamar high school the greatest quarterback alive. ps. coach green needs to put me at quarterback im to live not to be playing

Who are the Miami Hurricanes quarterbacks from 1994 - 2014?

There were two quarterbacks that play for the Miami Hurricanes in the years 1994 to 2014. The two quarterbacks are Larry Jones and James Stewart.

Which Quarterbacks have 2500 yards rushing and 25000 yards passing?

Quarterbacks with 25000 pass yards