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The train a lot,by running, dribbling, heading, kicking free kicks and yes eating and drinking the right food.

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Q: Soccer players train
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How many times a week do professional soccer players train?

The professional soccer players train about 5 to 6 times per week. On average a training session will last about 3 to 4 hours.

What do soccer players do to train?

thy gym 19 hours a day

How many hours a day do professional soccer players train?

3 houys every day .

What are the things soccer players should do from monday to Sunday?

Train, eat healthy, get good rest, stretch, etc.

How do English soccer players go to play matches by bus or by plane?

depends on the distance, sometimes they use train.

How do soccer players use math?

To see how long there stamina is,the can run around without water and to see how long they need to train for.

What do soccer players do when they dont play soccer?

While some soccer players play all year round. Playing indoor in the winter. Others condition by running short and long distances, watching what they eat, and weight train in a gym. A good way to to get long distance running in during to colder months is to run on an elpitical.

How do you line a soccer field?

You actually use different types of field marking kits for this. If for training only, you can use a mini soccer training grid to make a smaller temporary line for group of players that you want to train.

How long do soccer players train in a week?

I think it depends on the player himself. And thts wat makes player better than the other as he trains more often.

What are ways to train for soccer?

practice with your friends, and get onto a soccer team

What are the tasks involved in being a soccer player?

play soccer and train

Famous quotes from soccer players?

Mia Hamm: "I am building a fire and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match".

How many minutes does a soccer team warm-up before a game?

There is no set time for a pre-game warm up. Players are allowed to train and warm up for aslong as they want.

How fit are professional soccer players?

Anyone can train. The WAY in which you train is what will determine how fit you can get and how quickly you improve. You need guidance from professional resources such as the Forward in Football training book series. (soccer training) Nothing compares to Forward in Football books. Visit and start getting better/fitter fast!

Where was soccer invented made?

Soccer was made in ancient China to train soldiers

When does soccer team train?


Do you need abs for soccer?

Abs are built from soccer, and what you build from soccer is what you do from soccer, and what you do from soccer you need to practice and train for so technically yes and no, reread the beginning if you do not understand.

What is recreational soccer?

The term recreational soccer is applied to soccer that is played "for fun" by a variety of players who may or may not have the skill and ability to move "up" to competitive play. It is soccer at the "basic" level where all of the same things applied in competitive soccer (i.e., coaching, team practices, match scheduling, etc.) are all in place to provide a platform for anyone to play the game. Recreational soccer is played in all age ranges and across a number of venues. It may be used as a "training ground" for younger players who, when they are motivated and/or "discovered" by someone, will move to a competitive venue where a more "sophisticated" level of the game is played. That is not to say recreational soccer has any less "status" than competitive soccer, but that it provides an outlet for someone to play without lots of practices and the blocking out of more time to train and improve personal and team skills. Recreational soccer deserves our full support in all communities. There is no doubt that there are recreational players who might not have the skills and ability to play at the competitive level, but it could be argued that recreational soccer is played in the "best spirit" of the game of soccer. And this because there is nothing "at stake" in a recreational game; it is played purely for enjoyment. And in that light, recreational soccer reaches more players than competitive soccer does. It is recreational soccer that clings to the heart of the true soccer fan because it is played by "everyone" and does not "lock out" players with less skill or athletic ability like competitive soccer does.

How long do baseball players train?

Most baseball players will train for at least five years before playing professionally. Many players spend their entire lives training to play.

What do you call to a seven-a-side soccer game?

Often these are referred to as "Small sided games" and are used to train U9-U13 players as well as professionals. It offers the players more touches with the ball and more open space for players to set up give and goes and tactical plays. An invaluable method of training for Coaches.

Why do Footballers get paid for kicking a Ball around a field?

They get paid for one very simple reason. They're good at it. They train hard, Also have you considered how many people watch them play? Also to help prove my point why do baseball players, football players, rugby, cricket ,and softball players get paid? Therefore if you don't like soccer, but like some other sport ask yourself, why are they getting paid in that sport. Furthermore, why do people who work get paid? For the same reason as soccer players, to achieve a good standard of living.

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

Where do players train in basketball?

In gyms

How do cricket players train?

By their coach.

How can you train for soccer inside?

keepy ups :L