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Sometimes, some players are on goal scoring bonuses, every goal they score they get a bonus.

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Q: Soccer players get money when they score?
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How do soccer players get paid?

with money

In the US who makes more money football players or soccer players?

In America, football players. In England, soccer players.

Who makes more money Pro NFL football players or pro soccer players?


What do soccer players earn?

Money. Fame.

How much money does soccer players make?

Soccer players in France make $400,000 per year and American soccer players make $300,000 per year.

Who makes more money soccer players or basketball players?

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

How much money do soccer players get paid?


Do baseball players or soccer players make more money?

a baseball player

Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

Can all players score in soccer or just forwards?

Any player-even the goalie

Which sport makes more money soccer or baseball?

Soccer players make infinitely more money than baseball players. The #1 sports franchise in the world is Manchester United, a soccer team.

How much money do soccer players have left after taxes?

The balance

Why do soccer players need speed?

so they can outrun their opponents and score. or so they can defend and opponent so they dont score on them LOL

Why do players score goals in soccer?

so there can be a winner and loser in the game otherwise why bother playing

What is a offensive position in soccer?

a person who isn't defending. offensive players help score goals.

Why do soccer players kiss their fingers after they score?

some players kiss the finger where the wedding ring should be to dedicate the goal to his wife.

How much money does a soccer player make?

Soccer players in France make $400,000 per year and American soccer players make $300,000 per year.

How much money do soccer players make?

10000000 in 2 years

Who make most money in sport?

usaly soccer players (famous)

How many money soccer players make?

1.2 million dollars

How many players are there in soccer?

In soccer, the sport is played with 11 players on each team. There might be more than 11 players if you count the substitute players that might participate later in the game. The players make an effort together to try to score on the opposing team.

Why is Chelsea liked more than other soccer teams?

People like Chelsea as they have a lot of money, and buy all the top players. but they do score goals and win matches.

Do ice hockey players get paid more than soccer players?

i say soccer players cause they pay even for thier medical reasons and hockey does not and soccer gets paid because we play the whole year nonstop and we get paid everyday and more if they score

Why do male soccer players get more media coverage then female soccer players?

They are better (not sexist), it is a fact they are bigger stronger faster and score more spectacular goals. Male soccer is simply more entertaining play to watch.

How much money do Australian soccer players earn?

truth be told, socer players are payed a salary