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It depends upon the position of the ball.

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Q: Soccer goalie steps out of box prior to kicking it. What kind of kick do the opponents get?
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What types of actions can disqualify soccer goals?

An offside call prior to the shot will disqualify a goal. Also, a foul on committed on the goalie will also disqualify a goal. Usually a yellow or red card will be issued in this case.

When the goalie catches the ball can the player run up and kick it in the goal?

No. Once a goalkeeper establishes control of the ball, no opposing player may interfere with goalkeepers ability to release the ball back into play. Bouncing the ball and catching prior to kicking or throwing is not considered release it into play. However, if the keeper loses control of the ball, it may be played by any player.

How do you buy soccer tickets for a visit in England?

Soccer tickets for a visit to England can be purchased in advance at Vertex Tickets prior to your trip.

Who were president johnsons democratic opponents in the primaries in 68?

Prior to President Johnsons withdrawal from the election (March 31st 1968) his primary opponents for the Democratic nomination were... Robert F Kennedy Eugene McCarthy Hubert Humphrey George McGovern

What are the rules for an onside kick?

The main rule is that the ball has to travel 10 yards downfield before it can be recovered by the kicking team prior to the opponents touching it. A kickoff is a free kick. Whoever recovers a kickoff gains possession of the ball. The ball must travel 10 yards downfield before the kicking team can touch it unless the receiving team touches it first within 10 yards. If the kickoff doesn't travel 10 yards downfield the receiving team is not obligated to attempt a return. The kick must hit the ground, in addition to travel 10 yards to give the kicking team possession of the ball if they can recover the kick. That is why onside kicks are kicked straight into the ground.

What should you eat prior to a soccer game?

something healthy like meats etc. try to have not just meat but veg as well

How can you prevent from getting tired quickly in a soccer game?

Work on your fitness level and make sure you are well hydrated prior to the start of the match and prior to the second half. You may like to try some energy drinks.

Where was soccer made at?

Soccer was "invented" in England with kids kicking around inflated leather which over the years has been developed into what we see nowdays.Answer'Association football' or 'Soccer' was wrote for and behalf of the Football Association founded 1863 by a man called Ebenezer Cobb Morley. The 'Laws of the game' as they became known were based on the earlier Cambridge Rules wrote in 1848. The main aim of the Football Association was to standardise the many forms of football played in England. The word Soccer started as a phonetically abbreviated vernacular word for Association football coined by English public school students who took the 'soc' from 'Association' and put an 'er' on the end. Typically 'an Oxford University student who played Association football and Rugby football' would be described as "an Oxforder who plays Soccer and Rugger". This is why prior to 1863 the word Soccer did not exist. It is probably worth noting the same students called Rugby football 'Rugger' but this word has largely fallen out of use.

Explain what you have to do to get a soccer game started?

A kick-off starts play at the start of the match or after a goal. A kick-off involves one player kicking the ball, from stationary, forward from the centre spot. All players must be in their own half prior to kick-off (Referees may let them stand in the opponents' half, especially if they have one foot on the line). A coin is tossed pre-game, the team which loses the toss is awarded the kick-off to start the game whilst the team that win the toss is allowed to choose which direction they want to play. After half time the teams switch direction and the other team will kick-off. After a goal is scored, the team which conceded the goal will kick-off to restart play.

Which American Team sold Freddy Ljungberg to Celtic?

Immediately prior to playing for Celtic in 2011, Fredrik Ljungberg had played for American Major League Soccer team Chicago Fire.

Can a soccer goalie be substituted during penalty kicks?

"Penalty kicks" refer to the kicks awarded during a match and not the ones after a match to decide the winner, those are called "kicks from the mark." A goal keeper may be substituted for prior to a penalty kick during the match, if the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining. A goal keeper may only be substituted during kicks from the mark if they are injured and only if the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining. Naming a field player as the new goal keeper is always an option, but that is not a substitution.

What is euro cup in soccer?

It is an international soccer tournament played by the countries in Europe culminating in a finals tournament every 4 years. For most of the 2 preceding years teams play in groups to qualify for the finals. Then next finals tournament is in the summer of 2016. There is also a club competition for European soccer clubs now known as the Champions League, but prior to 1992 it was known as the European Cup.