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Nate Robinson (5 ft 9 in (1.75 m) of the Boston Celtics is the most recognized aamong active players. Spud Webb at 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) even won the NBA slamdunk contest in 1986!

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Q: Small basketball players who can dunk?
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Why don't female basketball players dunk?


In which sport do players slam dunk?

The slam dunk is done in basketball. It is where a player slams a ball through the basketball hoop (thus, a slam dunk). No other sport has this.

How can you dunk in air raid basketball players 2?

U Cant Dunk by searching Robin.Homo .com

In basketball what is a dunk?

a dunk is when a basketball player j's the ball

Can a 15 year old girl dunk a basketball?

No, only guys can dunk, girls are too small and wimpy.

What do you need to do a slam dunk?

To slam dunk, you need a basketball and a basketball hoop. The definition of a slam dunk is pushing the ball through a basketball hoop.

What is it called in basketball when a players hand is above the rim when the ball is slammed through the hoop?

That would be a Slam-Dunk.

What actions do basketball players do?

Shoot, Dribble, Pass, Dunk, Run, and cheer when their teammates score. Hope this helps:)

How do you dunk a basketball in a basketball hoop?

You have to jump high and dunk the ball. You have to have hops if you want to dunk on a 10 foot hoop and you need strength.

What can i dunk?

you can dunk anything as long as you jump and hold it like a basketball

What is a vertical dunk?

it's when you jump straight up and dunk a basketball

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Yes. He did dunk a basketball during the 2013 NBA Allstar Game in Houston.

Do slam dunk contests follow the traditional rules of basketball?

no..because it is only a slam dunk..not a basketball game..

What is a jam in basketball?

Slam dunk

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How many points is a dunk worthin basketball?

2 points worth a dunk

In barsketball players may try to perform a slam?


What is a helicopter in basketball?

A helicopter in basketball is a type of dunk a basketball player may attempt.

In which sport might you slam dunk?

You would only slam dunk in basketball.

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In which sport can you slam dunk basket?


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