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In Basketball, a slow break style requires a thoughtful action

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Q: Slow break style requires this of action?
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What is the difference between a fast-break and a slow-break offensive style?

The fast-break offensive style offers fast movement from one part of the court to another and a chance for scoring. Slow-break offensive style calls fo more thoughtful action: players maneuver carefully in order to shot in this type of offense.

What is the difference between a fast-break and slow- break offensive style?

The "Fast-Break" offensive style offers fast movement from one part of the court to another and a chance for scoring.The "Slow-Break" offensive: Slower, more deliberate play characterizes the slow break style. This technique calls for more thoughtful action; players manuver carefully in order to shoot in this type of offense.

What is the difference beween a fast break and slow break offensive style?

ok well i dont know how your coach or whoever explains it but i was taught that a fast break is when 1 steal or get the ball back from the other team and hurry to the basket and a slow break is when you take your time to the basket which is what you normally do if your trying to run down the clock

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