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That depends on the size of the kid

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Q: Size of a baseball bat for little league?
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What size baseball bat is used in little league?

a -7.5 Bat is used. they are also called Senior league bats

What is the size limit for a bat in little league baseball?

2 1/4 inches

BPF on a baseball bat?

Is BPF 15 little league bat rating the same as 1.15

Is axe a good little league baseball bat?

The Baden Axe is my 9 year olds treasured bat. YES great bat

Is a -5 bat aloud in little league?

yes as long as on the bat some where it says that this bat is approved for play in Little League

Is a drop 10 for a baseball bat in little league baseball legal?

If the barrel is under 2 1/4in.

What is the value of a Hillerich Bradsby co 88 Leaguer Mickey Mantle baseball bat?

The Mickey Mantle baseball bat you have is a little league bat, and depending on age and condition could sell between $25.-$75. in used but not abused condition, to unused near/mint condition. Little League baseball bats will range in size from 28" -31" I will leave a link below to a Louisville Slugger bat dating Guide, and a link for information to other Mickey Mantle baseball bats.

What is the average weight of a Major League Baseball bat?

average weight of bat in major league baseball

Where are Easton little league baseball bats made?

Easton Bat Company, Easton Pennsylvania

How much does a baseball bat weigh?

Little League from about 17-22oz Adult from about 28-34oz

Is the 2009 demarini F3 baseball bat legal in Little League junior division?


What baseball bat size is allowed in middle school baseball?

This can vary greatly from league to league and town to town. It is best to consult the game umpire for this information

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