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116 x 76 yards, 8816. is a link to the size of the pitch of prominent football clubs.

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Q: Size of Manchester united football pitch?
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How big is the worlds biggest trampoline?

The biggest trampoline ever is the size of the Manchester United football pitch (very very ve3ry big!~) It would probably cost about £50,000 to own it! :D

What are dimensions of a 9 a side football pitch?

9 aside football pitch size

What size should the pitch be for under 14 gaa?

For under 14 Gaelic Football, you use a full size pitch and goals, with a size 4 football being used...

How many square feet in a football pitch?

A football pitch is the field upon which the sport football is played. The regulation size of a pitch is approximately 76,854.3204 square feet.

What is the size of a standard football pitch in kilometers?

The dimensions of a standard football pitch in kilometres are 0.105 x 0.068km.

Who has the biggest football pitch size?

Bristol city

How big was the first football pitch?

Here is part of an answer from another Football question about the origins or the beginning of the game. We don't really know how big the first ancient football pitch was. In 1863 the English invented football and set out specifcations for size of a football pitch.

How many acres in a full size football pitch?


Is it true that an area of a rainforest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every second?


What is a football pitch?

A field on which a game of football is played, which has been properly marked and has the correct goals and cornerposts set up. It is about the size of a KoppBall pitch.

What is the size of indoor 5 a side football pitch?

22 by 27

Are all football pitch the same size?

I don't think so.

What does measurements mean in football?

circumference of ball, size of pitch etc.

What is the Size of a 11 a side pitch?

Pitch size for 11 a side football are Minimum 60 x 95 up to maximum of 65 x110yds

What is the size of Aston Villa's football pitch?

The size of the pitch is ; 105 × 68 metres ( 344 × 226 feet ).

Who are the largest football clubs in England?

In terms of stadium capacity Old Trafford (Manchester United; 75,797 capacity), followed by Emirates Stadium (Arsenal; 60,361 capacity), then St James' Park (Newcastle United. 52,409). In terms of the richest is is probably Arsenal. followed by Chelsea and then Liverpool. In terms of rankings - success, fan size base and influence then it is probably Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and then Chelsea.

Size Area of football pitch?

depends, generally fields are 100ft-by-50ft

On a Gaelic football pitch what is the size of the semi circle?

It has a radius of 13 metres.

Chelsea football pitch size?

Its is 125 meters in length and 65 in width.

How many hectares is a full sized football pitch?

A maximum size football pitch is 120 x 90 metres. This is an area of 10 800 square metres; one hectare is 10 000 square metres. So a full size pitch could be 1.08 ha.

What is the size of a regulation Gaelic football field?

There is some flexibility in how large a pitch has to be but Gaelic Football and Hurling are played on a pitch approximately 137 metres long and 82 metres wide.

How many houses could you fit in a football pitch?

The answer depends on the size of each house!

What is the size of the center circle of a football pitch?

The center circle has a 10 yard radius.

What is the size of the football pitch in the aviva stadium in dublin?

106 x 68 m

What is the area of the Brazil 2014 football pitch?

Football pitches vary in size. The maximum area would be GAY square meters.

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