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There are six players on a volleyball team and five on a Basketball team so six is to volleyball as five is to basketball

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Q: Six is to volleyball as blank is to basketball?
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What is difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball uses a volleyball and basketball uses a basketball.

What sport has the biggest world audience basketball or volleyball?

Basketball has a bigger audience than volleyball.

What object falls faster a basketball or volleyball?


Should you play volleyball or basketball?

Basketball Definitly

Difference between volleyball and basketball?

volleyball and basketball are different in many ways. in volleyball, you have to keep the ball from hitting the ground. however in basketball, you have to kepp dribbling the ball. in volleyball, you usually stand in one place, but in basketball you continually move going after the ball..etc.

What is the main similarity of playing the game of volleyball and basketball?

There isn't because volleyball is wayy better than basketball.

What game was invented from basketball?


Which would bounce higher a basketball or a volleyball?

A volleyball, because it is made of material that will bounce well and is lighter than a basketball.

How are basketball handball and volleyball alike?

the all have to do with a ball . volleyball and handball are similar because you are hitting the ball. Basketball and volleyball are the same because you have to make a goal. baketball in the hoop volleyball over the net

What was the first volleyball made of from a basketball?

Its bladder

Do they play basketball and volleyball in Nicaragua?


How can you jump higher for volleyball and basketball?


How many people positions in volleyball?

Six position in a volleyball.

What did wilt chamberlain play after basketball?

After basketball, Wilt Chamberlain played volleyball.

What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?


Who makes a rainbow shot football basketball baseball or volleyball?

in basketball you make a rainbow shot

What is the best sport for a tall kid?

Either volleyball or basketball. But it depends on what gender you are. if your a girl choose volleyball. but a boy should do basketball

What came first volleyball or basketball?

Basketball was invented first. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, but volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan. Basketball was invented first. Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, but volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan. Oops, didn't mean to put my answer up there twice. Sorry!

Do more people play basketball then volleyball?

yes they do

Can you use volleyball shoes for basketball?

Tathagatha yellapu. No

What are some sports of Bulgaria?


Examples of sports?

Basketball, Footbal, Volleyball Etc.

What four sports was volleyball made of?

* tennis * basketball

What sports originated from panama?

Football, basketball and volleyball.

What was invented in the us?

basketball and volleyball were invented here