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Get a new Baseball glove or don't let your sister use it

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Q: Sister Left Baseball Glove Outside It Rained Any Tips?
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Why do baseball players remove a finger from their glove and extend it outside?

That is a personal preference and done mainly for comfort. There is no advantage nor disadvantage in doing it .... some players just feel more comfortable with the finger outside the glove. The index finger is closest to the pocket of the glove so you get more padding by having it outside the finger of the glove.

What is a baseball glove?

A baseball glove protect your body and assist players in catching and fielding balls hit by batters.

What is that glove called when he has his baseball glove on?


What is a baseball mitt?

A baseball mitt is another name for a baseball glove - a protective glove used when playing baseball.

What is a pro flare ball glove?

a baseball glove

When is it time to replace a baseball glove?

The time to replace a baseball glove is when the laces are very stringy/ in stards, the pam of the glove as no more padding, the glove is to small, and wen the person using the glove has no more feel of the glove.

What is the oldest baseball glove?

This is some discrepancy over who invented the first baseball glove. However, Rawlings sports manufacturing company is the first recorded manufacturer of the baseball glove and does hold the patent on this first glove.

What is a glove toss?

A glove toss is tossing the baseball to its destination using only the glove

What country was the baseball glove invented?

Some people claim that the baseball glove was first invented in Canada. However, there has been an American patent for a baseball glove since 12345456

What is used to catch a baseball?

a baseball glove

Does water wreck a baseball glove?

No, it can help break in the glove. Just don't soak the glove.

What is the most common baseball glove?

Rawlings is the most used baseball glove company in the pros and probably the most common brand glove in the U.S.

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