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The Chiefs have not made a championship appearance since they won Super Bowl IV in January 1970.

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Q: Since the 1970 how many times have the Kansas City Chiefs been to the Super Bowl?
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How many times has the Kansas City Chiefs been to the playoffs in the past decade?

Since 2000 the Chiefs have made the playoffs 2 times. During the 2003 and 2006 season.

How many times did hank stram go to the super bowl?

Hank Stram lead the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowls, winning one and losing one.

How many times have the dallas cowboys beat the kansas city chiefs?

The Chiefs have only beaten the Cowboys 3 times.

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Dallas Cowboys?

The Chiefs have only beaten the Cowboys 3 times.

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs played the Indianapolis Colts in the regular season?

The Kansas City Chiefs have played the Indianapolis Colts 16 times in the regular season.

How many game did the Kansas City Chiefs win in the last 20 years?

In the last 20 years from 1992 until 2012, the Kansas City Chiefs have won 170 games. In that 20 year span they have won the AFC West 5 times, but they never made it to the Super Bowl.

How many times did the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at Arrowhead Stadium?

Through the 2011 season, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Steelers six times in their history at home, including the playoffs. They won five times at Arrowhead Stadium and once at Kansas City Municipal Stadium.

What quarterback was sacked the most times by the Kansas City Chiefs?

John Elway who played for the Denver Broncos.

How many times has Kansas City Chiefs been to the super bowl?

Once, that being Super Bowl IV when they defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7.INCORRECT. The Kansas City Chiefs have played twice in Super Bowl.:The very First Super Bowl was played by the Kansas City Chiefs against Green Bay Pakers. The National Football League (NFL) champion Green Bay Packers (12-2) scored 3 second-half touchdowns en route to a 35-10 win over the American Football League (AFL) champion Kansas City Chiefs (11-2-1).Technically, two. (One, if you want to be extremely rigid in the definition of what is called a "Super Bowl.")They appeared in the first ever "AFL/NFL Championship" in 1967, before the two leagues merged and before the championship game was called the "Super Bowl." Instead, it was simply called the "World Championship."The Chiefs lost 35-10 to the Green Bay Packers. (Note, this game is now referred to as "Super Bowl I," but at the time it was played, it was not given that moniker.)Super Bowl winners are awarded with the Lombardi Trophy, in honor of the winning Packers Head Coach, Vince Lombardi, whose coaching victories dominated the late 1960's, winning 3 of the last 5 "NFL Championships" and the first two "AFL-NFL World Championships."However, three years later, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings 23-7 on January 11, 1970 in Super Bowl IV - in only the 2nd game referred to as "The Super Bowl" (at the time it was played.)In the Chief's victory, they represented the AFL, the last team to do so, before the AFL and NFL merger was completed.Interestingly enough, it was Lamar Hunt, owner of the Chiefs who initially suggested calling the championship game the "Super Bowl."After Super Bowl IV, the AFL and NFL officially merged in 1970, thus creating the conferences we now know - the AFC and the NFC. The winners of each conference championship game advance to play in the "Super Bowl." (Since the 1971 Super Bowl, there has been no confusion or disparity as to what the game is called.)Prior to "Super Bowls" and "AFL/NFL Championships," the Chiefs appeared in the AFL Championship games of 1962 and 1966, winning both games, making them AFL champions twice. As of 2010, the Chiefs have not played in a Super Bowl since 1970.Through Super Bowl XLII, the Chiefs have played in two Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl I on January 15, 1967 and were beaten by the green bay packers 35-10 and super bowl IV on January 11, 1970. The Chiefs defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 23-7.

How many times have the Kansas City Chiefs been in the playoffs?

During the 2006 season, when the Colts won the Super bowl. The colts beat them in the wildcard round. 23-8.

How many times has Kansas City won the Super Bowl?

They have been to the Super Bowl twice and won it once

Have the Baltimore Ravens ever played the chiefs?

Yes the chiefs beat the ravens 3 out of five times