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He Plays For The Seattle Mariners.

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Q: Since he was released by the whitesox Who does ken griffey jr play for?
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What baseball team star Joe play for?

Shoeless Joe Jackson? He played for the Whitesox and was involved in the 1919 Whitesox scandal.

What song does the whitesox play before each home game?


What team do the Boston Red Sox play on July 19 2012?


What song does the Chicago whitesox play before each home game?

Thunderstruck by ACDC

What sport did Ken Griffey Jr play?

Ken Griffey Jr. was a Major League baseball player.

Did Ken Griffey Jr play for the Indians?


Did ken griffey play for the negro league?


What position does Ken Griffey jr. play?


What cub player has hit the most home runs vs the whitesox in interleague play?

Aramis Rameriz

What position does ken griffey jr play?

Ken Griffey Jr. plays right field, left field, and he is a designated hitter

Does Ken Griffey Jr play for the Mariners now?


Who did shoeless joe Jackson play for?

The Chicago Whitesox. He was on the infamous 1919 " Black Sox" who threw the World Series.

Did Ken Griffey Jr play for the Marlins?

No. Ken Griffey Jr. has played with the Seattle Mariners (1989-1999) and the Cincinnati Reds (2000-present).

Has Ken Griffey Jr played in Safeco Field since he left in 2000?

No. Ken Griffey Jr. never to date has played at Safeco Field. However in 04 Seattle had a game of interleague play scheduled, but Cincinatti petitioned to have it replaced with a with Cleveland. Seattle ended up playing Montreal. Ken Griffey did break ground at Safeco. But his first game (hopefully) will be with the Reds in 2007.

What position did Ken Griffey Jr play?

primarily left field

Were did ken griffey sr play?

He played for the Reds, Yankees and Mariners.

Ken Griffey Jr did he play on the same team with his dad?


Did Ken Griffey Senior play with the Florida Marlins?

No, Ken Griffey Sr played with the Reds, Yankees, Braves, and Mariners during his 19 season career.

Did Ken Griffey Jr ever play with White Sox?

Yes. Ken Griffey Jr. played 41 games for the Chicago White Sox in 2008.

Did ken griffey jr play for the White Sox in 1996?

No he played for Seattle

How long did Griffey jr play in the majors?

22 seasons ... 1989-2010.

Did Michael Jordan play for the White Sox?

Yes, Michael Jordon played for the Chicago WhiteSox, for a very brief and unremarkable period in 1994.

What team does alex rios play for?

He played for the Toronto Blue Jays But then got traded to the Chicago Whitesox and i believe that hes number 13.

What Minor League team did Ken Griffey Jr play for?

Inland empire 66s

Were did ken griffey jr play in college?

He did not go to college. He was drafted out of high school.