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north caralina only lost 3 in the 04,05 seson Kentucky went 34-2 in 1996

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Q: Since Indiana was undefeated and won the National Championship in 1976 how many teams have won the National Championship with only one or two losses?
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What does undefeated mean?

Undefeated means you've never lost a single battle before. Won so many victories and 0 losses!

Who won the NCAA college football championship with two losses?

Don't know about the old days - I can go back a long way and LSU this past season just won the BCS Nat Championship with 2 losses. LSU also won the mythical AP National Championship also.

How many hockey games have undefeated North Pole Netters lost?

That's a trick question. To be undefeated, you must have no losses, therefore, they haven't lost.

Who was the last NCAA Football Champion that wasn't undefeated?

LSU with two losses in 2007

What team has the worst win loss record to win the ncaa basketball tournament?

In 1981, the Indiana Hoosiers had the most losses of any team to win the NCAA basketball national championship. The Hoosiers, coached by Bobby Knight and led by Sophomore, Isaiah Thomas, entered the March Madness field with 9 regular season losses. I.U. Went on to beat North Carolina in the final game. The victory was the 4th National Championship for the school and the 2nd under Coach Knight. Tessa, you idiot.

Who was the first NCAA basketball team to be undefeated including the championship?

There have been four other undefeated NCAA Champions: *The 1964 UCLA Bruins (30-0) *The 1972 UCLA Bruins (30-0) *The 1973 UCLA Bruins (30-0) *The 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0) *Given that it has been 30 years since an NCAA team finished the season as undefeated National Champs, it appears to be very unlikely that the UCLA Bruin's remarkable 60-0 record over consecutive National Championship seasons in 1972 & 1973 will be equalled or bettered in the forseeable future. *The 1976 Indiana Hoosiers were the last to have a chance and no team since then has finished the season with fewer than 2 losses. Those 2-loss teams are: *The 1978 Kentucky Wildcats (30-2) There is one more team to finish a season with only two losses. *The 2004-2005 Illinois Fighting Illini (37-2) *The 1982 North Carolina Tarheels (32-2) *The 1995 UCLA Bruins (31-2) *The 1996 Kentucky Wildcats (34-2) *The 1999 Connecticut Huskies (34-2)

How many hockey game have the undefeated north pole netter lost?

That's a trick question. To be undefeated, you must have no losses, therefore, they haven't lost.

What is the most losses that a Men's basketball team has had and still won the national championship?

1988 Kansas Jayhawks with 11 losses. The team was dubbed Manning and the Miracles because of the outstanding play of Danny Manning. Ironically Kansas is also the team with the most wins while winning a championship with 37 wins in 2008.

Who was the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time?

Rocky Marciano he had an undefeated career with 49 wins, 43 knockouts, and no losses.

What Team has most losses in ncaa basketball championship game?


What quarterback has the most NFC championship losses?


Heavey weight champion 1952-1956?

Rocky Marciano, who retired undefeated with a record of 49 wins against zero losses.

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