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Q: Silence is Golden Speech is Silver but what is Bronze?
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A sentence with the word silence?

Speech is silver but silence is golden.

Speech is silver and silence is golden?

Speech is silver, silence is golden is an old proverb that has an oriental origin. It means that it is best to keep ones own counsel.

According to the proverb if speech is silver what is golden?


Speech is silver silence is golden?

Quiet right, but what is your question

What is the origin of the phrase 'silence is golden'?

It means silence is good so take the the to listen to all of natures sounds. The phrase 'Silence is Golden' can be true at times. Sometimes it's good to keep quiet, but sometimes people need to speak up. Silence can be nice when someone doesn't want to talk about something or should keep something secret. As Thomas Carlyle said, "Speech is silvern, Silence is Golden." It means that speech is like silver or money, in that speech only lasts a while, but silence is golden and lasts an eternity.

Who invented the phrase silence is golden?

The original proverb quotes that Speech is silver, but silence is golden. There is no certain origin. It is known that similar quotes were known to the ancient Egyptians. It appears in English in the 14th Century as 'silence is good' and again in the early 18th Century in English from a phrase translated from German. As silence has long been accepted in religious circles, a Bible of 1382 quotes that 'silence is made in Heaven'

Who created the quote speech is silver but silence is gold?

The first example in English was by the poet Thomas Carlyle who translated the phrase from German in Sartor Restarus dated 1831. 'Sprecfien ist silbern, Shweigen ist golden

What is the duration of Speech of Silence?

The duration of Speech of Silence is 2700.0 seconds.

When did Speech of Silence end?

Speech of Silence ended on 2008-07-21.

What are examples of alliteration in wise sayings such as Look before you leap?

A Smooth Sea never made a skilled marine Hope that helps Where there's a will there's a way Fine feathers do not make fine birds Speech is silver, silence is golden

What is opposite speech?

Quiet, silence.

What are the the types of voice?

Speech Whisper Shout Silence