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September 05 - Clemson 45, Wofford 10
September 12 - Clemson 13, Tulane 5
September 19 - Clemson 13, Georgia 3
October 3 - Clemson 21, Kentucky 3
October 10 - Clemson 27, Virginia 0
October 17 - Clemson 38, Duke 10
October 24 - Clemson 17, North Carolina State 7
October 31 - Clemson 82, Wake Forest 24
November 7 - Clemson 10, North Carolina 8
November 14 - Clemson 21, Maryland 7
November 21 - Clemson 29, South Carolina 13
January 1 - Clemson 22, Nebraska 15 (1982 Orange Bowl)

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Q: Show you clemson football schedule and scores for 1981?
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Who was the leading tackler on the 1981 Clemson football team?

Jeff Davis

Clemson football highest score?

Most points they've scored that i know of was against #3 Wake Forest in Death Valley in 1981 was a 82-24 Victory for the tigers

When did Clemson beat Miami in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2007 season, Clemson and the University of South Carolina have met in football 104 times and every year since 1909. Clemson leads the series 37-63-4.

Has clemson ever won a football natinal chsmpionship?

Yes in 1981 maybe when john heisman coached there but only 1 time in the last 50 years

How undefeated seasons has clemson football had?

5 ... 1900 (6-0), 1906 (4-0-3), 1948 (11-0), 1950 (9-0-1), 1981 (12-0).

What is the value of a 1981 Clemson National Championship unopened Coca-Cola bottle?


How much is an unopened 1981 Clemson Championship Football bottle of coke worth?

last time i checked on the coca cola action in sydney Australia the price was 30,000 dollars but u can get on for 500 in china

Who were Football League Champions in 1981?

Liverpool was the Football League Champions in 1981.

How does clemson recruit so well for football?

Clemson University is considered by most a "football school" meaning that there is a big emphasis placed on the sport by the fans, students, players, coaches, and even administration. During games days Clemson, South Carolina, becomes one of the largest cities in the state due to the 82,000 + fans that usually converge on the normally quiet town to participate in the gameday. The school also boasts top notch sports facilities and just recently completed one phase of their West Zone project to vastly upgrade the football facilities in order to compete with the top tier football schools in the country. This combined with playing in the ACC which is a BCS conference with high academic standards creates an attractive opportunity for a recruit. Clemson's past also is one of football success having won the National Championship in 1981 and being one of the top programs during the 1980's. Clemson also has the distinction of having one of the most celebrated pre game rituals in rubbing the rock and running down the hill. When the Clemson football team enters the stadium before all home games they run down the hill of the East End Zone. This entrance has been dubbed, "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football".

What team won the Turkish football league in 1981?

The winner of the Turkish football league in 1981 was Beşiktaş.

How many national championships does clemson football teams have?

one... 1981

What team was crowned the French football champions in 1981?

The AS Monaco team was crowned the French football champions in 1981.