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Yes, it's important for men and boys to wear tight underwear so that their penis and testicles are supported. There is a risk of testicular torsion if things bounce around too much.

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Q: Should you wear tight underwear during sports?
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Related questions

Why do you think people recommend that men should not wear tight underwear?

Men should not wear tight underwear because your private area will substancually uncomfortable and you'll itch really bad trust me

What kind of underwear should you wear?

Cotton, something that breaths and not too tight.

What underwear should a teen boy wear with really tight skinny jeans?


How do you know if your underwear is too tight?

If your underwear is too tight, you will know it. It will hurt, leave marks, or even tear. So just wear comfortable underwear.

How the penis can be make tight?

By wearing the right underwear....I will recommend natural pouch underwear.

How do you wear compression shorts?

You wear compression shorts like boxer-briefs under soccer kits ect. They are comfortable to wear but kind of like tight underwear. The nylon- lycra type are comfortable to wear. Compression shorts are tight but not too tight, and are very comfortable to wear. I would not recommend wearing any underwear under them. Some are designed to use a "cup" for certain sports. They are fine just the way they are, even for non-sports reasons. They can be worn as underwear most of the time.

Should you wear separate kinds of underwear for athletics?

It's definitely a good idea. Really a guy should wear a jockstrap or compression for all sports, especially if a cup is required (contact sports). Briefs might be ok if they are tight enough to support you, but boxers wouldn't be a good idea.

What kind of underwear should you wear with jeans if you want to be a girl?

Since you need to hide your genitals you should wear tight underwear, a thong or a g-string (as previously suggested) will give you no end of trouble.

What underwear does Paul Walker?

Briefs - white & tight

Does tight underwear cause stretch marks?


How can you produce more sperm?

Sperm production is better if the testicles do not overheat, hence, underwear should not be too tight.

Is it good for penis t wear underwear?

Tight fitting underwear can reduce sperm count.

Do boxers shorts or underwear affect penis growth?

No, but wearing tight underwear decreases the amount of semen you produce compared to those who wear boxer shorts. Do not worry if you wear tight underwear - it will not make you infertile.

What to wear to a sports party?

Wear: Tight shorts, a tight sports top and a hoody...

Why do men prefer tight underwear?

Because it feels good.

What to wear under a morphsuit?

A tight pair of underwear.

Does Justin Bieber Has Tight Undies?

Yes he does he has been shown pulling down his pants as if his underwear is tight

What kind of underwear should a male teen wear?

Breifs, Good tight clean, they make the boy feel good about himself

Does wearing tight underwear effect how much semen volume you produce?

Not the volume, but it may reduce the number of viable sperm. Tight fitting underwear keep the testicles too warm.

What was fashion like in the 1930's?

very tight pant no underwear

Does wearing tight pants or underwear causes male infertility?

It depends on how tight, and usually it doesn't cause infertility.

Why do men wear tight underpants?

They wear tight underpants for support and comfort. The "boys" need to be supported to help prevent injury during sports for example.

Where should your hands be during a roundoff?

Your hands should be glued to your ears, and super tight.

Which girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys?

Fruit of the Loom brand of girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys.

Why do girles where thongs?

If they are wearing thin, tight pants or dresses they don't want their underwear line to show. If you wear normal underwear the lining of the underwear shows and you can see the outline of them.