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Q: Should you used the steel bowl or the glass bowl to magnetise a needle?
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How can you magnetise stainless steel?

Stainless steel cannot be magnetized in its standard form because it is a non-magnetic material. However, there are some specific types of stainless steel that can be magnetized through processes like work hardening or cold working. These processes can create some magnetic properties in the stainless steel.

What metal is easier to magnetise iron or steel?


What is the orgin of the word stretch?

A needle is made of steel ; as steel is denser than water, a steel needle should sink in water because of this.

What is the Seattle Space Needle made of?

The Space Needle has a concrete foundation. It has 250 tons of reinforcing steel.

What were used to make the space needle?

wood 2nd answer: The Space Needle in Seattle is made of concrete, steel, aluminum, and glass, with some wood trim inside.

What is steel needle?

A needle made out of steel - the sort you sew a button on with.

What are the materials in an insulin pump?

If you mean insulin pen. Mine contains. Plastic. Aluminium. Glass. Rubber. The insulin itself. and the needle is stainless steel.

What kind of glue will hold glass to steel?

After cleaning the steel and glass, use JB weld to bond glass to Steel.

How are glass and steel different?

Glass is easy to break and steel is hard

How strong is glass-steel?


Why is steel attracted to a magnet but not brass?

magnets attract steel why then is a compass needle affected by a pice of steel if the steel is not magnetised

Are brick steel and glass organic?

glass can be organic. brick is manmade steel can be organic