Should you use your dented bat?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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no you should not it will make the ball go in a different derection

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Q: Should you use your dented bat?
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How do you tell if your baseball bat is dented?

Wrap your hand around the bat and turn the bat with your opposite hand. you will feel the oddly shaped barrel turning in your hand.

What kind of bat should you use to hit homers with?

THE one YOU can HOLD

What size cricket bat should you use if you are 160 cm tall?


When was Dented Records created?

Dented Records was created in 2001.

Is a dented wood bat still legal?

If the umpire allows it then i would say yes, it is. Probably the umpire wouldn't allow it because of safety reasons, but just have him check it but bring an extra bat to your games, just in case. Good luck at your next game!

Who should use a big barrel baseball bat and what ages?

Ages 13 and up

How would you know when canned food is spoiled?

A dented can, in 99.5% of cases is nothing more than a "dented can", but, perhaps understandably, many people will pass over a dented can. However, a bulge in a can - no matter how small, if it is a visible bulge - should never be purchasedor used.

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

What size baseball bat should a 12 year old use?

34 inch marucci

What is the minus bat drop required for seventh and eighth grade Junior High Baseball?

There is no legal requirement, although the strength of a player of that age could handle a drop 5 bat. Its not until the high school level that players are required to use a drop 3 bat. So to get players use to a bat that size, a 7th grader or 8th grader should use a drop 5 baseball bat.

Which bat should you buy?

THE BAT THATT IS A vegeterian of course

Do you have to use a -3 bat in middle school?

Mo but you have to use a -3 bat in highschool