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You should not swim in a pool that has a pH level that is at 8.2. This could cause burns and irritations to body tissues.

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Q: Should you swim in pool with a PH level of 8.2?
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What is Swim pool temperature?

Personal preference. I like mine at 82=85 f.

What temperature should pool water be for swimming?

82 degres

What are the normal temperatures to keep an indoor heated pool at?

As a lead maintenance technician and contractor our training tells us that an indoor temperature for a pool for apartments should be 82-84 for hotels and resorts the temperature should be slightly higer 84-86. Exterior pools should be heated to 80 to 82 for apartments and 82-84 for hotels and resorts.

What is the recommended temperature for an indoor public pool?

Comfortable swim temperatures range from 80~90 degrees based on personal preference, 82-85 degrees F is a good swim temperature for general but not lap swimming.

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When is the temperature too cold in a swimming pool for a child?

It is recommended that for children the temperature in a swimming pool be 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. For babies the recommended temperature should be 84 to 86 degrees.

What is the time you must average to meet a 22 minute requirement in swimming 800 yards?

You must swim faster than 41 seconds per 25 yards. Or it is 82 seconds in a 50 yard pool.

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Personal preference. I like mine at 82=85 f.

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How big is an Olympic swimming pool?

An Olympic swimming pool is 50 meters (160 feet) long and 25 meters (82 feet) wide.

How long is an Olympic size pool?

An Olympic size pool is length 50 m (164 ft) by Width 25 m (82 ft).

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What is the average rate of evaporation for an indoor pool?

The evaporation rate of an indoor swimming pool has many factors to consider. 1.) How large is the pool? 2.) What temperature are you keeping the pool water at? 3.) What temperature are you keeping your poolroom at? 4.) Are you using a pool cover? An example would be..... If you have a 300 sq. ft. pool and are keeping the pool at 82 degrees and the room at 84 degrees your evaporation rate would be 10.35 pounds per hour at a static level (no activity). If you do have an indoor pool or are considering having an indoor pool you will need to use mechanical dehumidification to handle the evaporation rate of your pool to protect the structure. Please email me direct if I can further assist you in that area. Regards, Michele Environmental Pool Systems

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