Should you play sports while sick?

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yeah get hard

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Q: Should you play sports while sick?
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Should you play with a sick dog?

no incase it goes sick

Should you exercise while sick?

== ==

What are six different reasons why people play sports?

bored hungry tired sick lazy First of who ever put the last answer is totally wrong because if you are........ bored hungry tired sick lazy Then well you cant play sports people play sports because that is what they want to do i play fast pitch and i put my heart and soul into it and if you are on a sports team and you arent doing the same then quit!!!!

Should kids exercise while sick?


Why boys get sick more than girls?

they get sick more because they play ALOT of sports OUTSIDE i cantbelieve you missed that your so stupid

Should you play active video games if you are sick?

you can if you are up for it.

Should you have salt while sick?

you need sodium in your body!

Proper punctuation for Thank you my love for taking care of me while i was sick?

It should be:Thank you, my love, for taki ng care of me while I was sick.

Should you drink pop while sick?

Well, while it wouldn't hurt, it's best to get plenty of vitamins while you are sick. Try to substitute soda with juice.

How should you get sick?

With style and a bottle of scotch. Or if you have kids, go play with the rug rats and their friends, be sick in no time!

Is it safe to play sports right after sex because the last i did it i felt sick?

yes it is gets u more active

What happened to Theodore Roosevelt as a kid?

He loved animals, but he didn't get to play sports or have hobbies because he got sick many times.

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