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No no no! Locking your knees while exercising in any way can cause joint problems and hyper-extension. Never lock your knees!

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Q: Should you lock your knees while doing a barbell curl?
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What muscles do high knees use?

Muscles that are used while doing High Knees are Hamstrings

What are barbell squats?

barbell squats are when you have one barbell in each hand at your side, while keeping your hands at your side, do squats.

How do you jump into a handstand without going onto your knees?

Start by doing underwater handstands and jump into them after a while it will come naturally under water then it should be easier out of water.

What do you do with your legs while doing the curl up?

Put your feet on the floor, but pull your knees towards you, they should not be directly above your hips, but pretty close. They should be at a 140 degree angle, in a triangle formation.

Are there low back exercises for men?

Yes, an example of an easy low back exercise for men is the barbell deadlift, which involves lifting a barbell with your arms while keeping them straight down. The weight on the barbell can be adjusted to your capability. You will need access to a barbell and barbell weights to do this exercise properly.

What is the difference between barbell and plug body jewelry?

A barbell has two ends, while a plug only sticks out on one side.

Why do goats get on their on knees to eat?

Goats like to get on their knees when they eat. Goats are not grazers and it is sometimes easier for them to eat while on their knees.

What should be doing when in ready position in volleyball?

Your feet should be a bit wider than shoulder width, knees bent, back straight, with your head up and watching the ball. Your hands should be apart and ready to bump or set. After you play a while, the position will be basically second nature to you.

Is there any exercises to building strength in the knee quickly?

Strengthen your knees by doing traditional squats, lunges and step-ups. Strengthening muscles surrounding your knees, such as your quads, will help strengthen and protect your knees. Strengthen your quads by stretching your legs in front of you while perched at the edge of a chair. Keep your knees straight as you tighten and relax your thigh muscles.

What should be done with the legs of a casualty who is suffering from heat stroke?

You should bend their knees up to their chest while having them lean on a flat surface with their back

Can you defecate while standing up?

Yes you can defecate while in a well rested standing position. You need to slant your back and bend your knees and push. Yes. Bend over and touch your knees as you push. Doing this can give you a little leverage if you need to push a little harder to get it started if you are little constipated.

What do you call it when you get on your knees and pray?

Praying while kneeling.

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