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yes because the elite team is better

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2009-10-23 00:21:29
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Q: Should you leave your performing gymnastics team to start on an elite gymnastics team at your same gym even though you would be a lot older than everybody else?
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Do you need a leotard for gymnastics?

Yes you do need a leotard for gymnastics though I'm not sure why.

What is a sequnce in gymnastics?

gymnastics moves that are joined together, they have to flow between each one though

Will it be easier to do cheer if you did gymnastics or the other way?

Cheer is much easier if you have a gymnastics background. Cheer doesn't really make gymnastics easier though.

Can a boy be involved in gymnastics?

Yes, why not!! Some kids may pick on you though, but have fun doing gymnastics. If you like gymnastics then go!! It's fun.

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What does math have to do with gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a lot about physics, rotation speed, and angles. There is a surprising amount of math involves in gymnastics, though most people do not tend to look at it from a mathematical perspective.

Are there gymnastics meets for adults?

Well, young adults! Gymnasts usually stop doing gymnastics between ages 18 (when they get out of high school) or after college (they do college gymnastics). These girls, though, who do college gymnastics start at a very young age.

Is ballet the same as gymnastics?

No, they are quite different though are similar in some ways.

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