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It took me about one or two months to learn the kickflip. The hardest part is learning how to land it. It only took about 12 days to learn to heelflip after learning to kickflip, because the hardest part about both of them is just learning how to land the trick (Once you are comfortable with spinning the board all the way over, concentrate on lifting your back foot up.) You land them about the same way, you spin the board, lift up your legs, let it spin, and land it. It doesn't take very long to learn how to flip the board, so all I had to was learn to spin the board with a heelflip. It doesn't really matter which one you learn first, they are very similar. I think you should learn the kickflip first, but that's just because to me kickflips are easier to do. I think they are easier to spin. The hardest part is just learning to land it, once you can land one of the tricks, you've basically just learned both of them. You just have to learn how to spin the other one. Make sure when you try to spin a heelflip, that you are dragging your foot up, and flicking it off at the concave. When you are trying to spin a kickflip, make sure you are flicking off the concave also and that you are flicking out and not down. If you flick down you will slam the board into the ground. Make sure and don't flick too hard when doing a kickflip. This will cause your board to shoot out away from you. You just want to go out a few inches past the concave, and do it lightly. If you have any other problems just let me know and I'll see if I can help you! :)

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Q: Should you learn the kickflip or heelflip first?
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How do you do an impossible on a skateboard?

You should know how to do a Hardflip or Inward Heelflip first before you learn the impossible. An impossible is an upright 360 shuv-it. You're going to Ollie and then with your back foot scoop the board upwards and watch it to a flip and once you see the grip tape again, stomp it.

Is the nollie hardflip hard to learn?

a nollie hardflip is a hardflip from the front of the board. a regular hardflip is a inward varial kickflip[ basically just the opposite of a inward heelflip]. so its a nollie fs [front side] shov-it, with a nollie kickflip.

What skateboarding trick should you learn next the tricks learned are ollie kickflip fakie bigspin fakie ollie fakie kickflip pop shuv it shuvit fakie shuvit and fakie pop-shuvit Casper?

variel kickflip and tre flip and variel heel flip and then backside and frontside flips then learn how to do that all off of stairs but slowly and gradually learn those tricks in switch.. If you are goofy do inward heelflips and nollie inward heelflips those tricks are cool. oh and then learn nollie fullcabs and nollie halfcas then nollie backsideflips....... THen you will be cool with me.... answer: and also learn inwardo retardos those are the coolest.. its like a fakie inward big heelflip

Where can one learn how to do a heelflip?

Amateur skaters can learn various skateboard tricks such as a heelflip on a variety of sites on the web. These include video sites such as YouTube as well as Skateboard City and Yahoo.

How do I land a kickflip better in skateboarding?

First of all you have to know how to kickflip! How to land a kickflip better is pop it as high as you can and the foot that kicks out to make it flip, put it down a bit lower on your grip. This took me like 8 weeks to learn but once you get the trick landed you will feel so good and all your friends will be so happy! Hope you larn a kickflip:)

What is the third trick to learn on a skateboard?

ollie, pop shuv-it, kickflip

How do you do a flip on a skate board?

The Kickflip is the hardest of the basic skateboarding tricks, and one of the most popular skateboarding tricks to learn. Learning to kickflip first, before learning other skateboarding flip tricks, will help you in the long run.

How long would it take to learn a back flip?

It should take you about a week or so you have to learn kickflip or you wont be able to do any other kickflip like varial kickflip tre flip and nightmare flip

What is harder a switch heelflip or a switch kickflip?

To put it simple a heel flip is where you kick your foot forward to do a 360 degree flip of the board. A kick flip on the other had is where you kick your foot backward to do a 360 degree flip of the board. It's that simple.

What skateboarding tricks should you be able to do if you have been skateboarding for a month?

half kickflipdrop in a 3 meter bawlpop shov it (its a move)A: You should be comfortable riding , stopping, turning, and maintaining good balance on your board before you can move to tricks. This can certainly be accomplished within a months time. If you have these before the end of one month, an ollie would be the next thing to learn as it is fundamental for progressing to other tricks such as a frontside/backside 180, kickflip/heelflip, shuvits and so on.

How do you 360flip on a skateboard?

If you can ollie, then you already know how to nollie. If you can't, you should probably learn that first. Keyword: practice.

Where can a person go to find tips on how to do a kickflip?

Advice and tips on how to to a kickflip can be found online at sites that specialise in questions such as About. However, one may also want to find real life training such as at a local sports centre.