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Sports should be kept separate not used as a tool. This should be a given right, an award for attending school and being human. Schools are telling kids right out of the gate 6th grade, that they are not good enough if they don't make passing grades. In away they feel they are being punished. Taking away the one thing that they might free themselves with or feel good being apart of a team which is positive can be destructive. These kids get put in a box and start to feel bad about themselves so they drop out and go look for a place where they fit in which ends up being with other kids that were apart of the same pattern, then they turn to drugs and/or gangs because of the rejection that should have never happend in the first place. The standard military system just doesn't work anymore and it's time to change with the times. When are midwest public schools going to see this?

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Q: Should you have passing grades to play high school sports?
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Are D's passing grades in middle school?

D's are passing grades but may keep you off a sports team or school activity.

Should high school students playing sports be tied to grades?

Yes, because they chose to play sports, so they must accept full responsibility for their grades in school.

Why can't student play sports if they fail?

No, they should not be playing sports fi they do not have passing grades. Sports is an extra curricular activity that is played when you have extra time. Students should always be doing their homework before playing sports.

Do you have to have passing grades to play sports?

yes, u must have at least a C in all classes to do sports:)

Should students need to get good grades to play school sports?

yes because if you focus on sports you will get bad grades but if you really want to play you'd get good and and be able to play

Do sports help your grades?

Yes it does cause i means you would do good with your grades because you must be passing all your classes to do it

Can a student that receives two D's play high school sports?

no you should let them get there grades up

Should students play sports with poor academic grades?

No because then they will get even farther behind in school.

Are eligibility for school sports fair?

I think that they are fair, because you go to school to learn. So you should be more concerned about your grades than sports, even though they are fun.

Should All grades should play sports?

Yes. I think all grades should participate in sports to keep themselves healthy.

Why student athletes should have good grades in order to play sports?

athletes need to have good grades in order to play on after school programs because to have a minimum 2.0 GPA is not hard to ask for and school should come first

Does summer school help for passing grade for fall sports?

It might. To some extent it depends on your other grades. Most schools have a cut off that if you are below 2.0 GPA you can't be in sports. So if your summer school class brings up your GPA to 2.0 or higher you are home free. If not, make sure your grades are better next year.