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No because she will get the other cheerleaders and get them to give you a hard core wedgie

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Q: Should you give a cheerleader a frontal hanging wedgie?
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What wedgie technique should I use on my little girl cousin?

Front wedgie while spanking

Should you give a cheerleader a Piledriver wedgie or a scarecrow wedgie?

A scarecrow wedgie

What does a frontal wedgie hurt on a girls body?

There vjj u no what i mean right anf believe me they hurt i had a hanging frontal wedgir from my freinds it was a dare

What wedgie should you do to your sister?


What is a hanging wedgie?

A hanging wedgie is a wedgie in which the receiver is hung by their underwear, in order for it to be an "Authentic" hanging wedgie, the receiver's feet must not be able to touch the ground.

What is funnest wedgie?

a naked hanging wedgie and ur hanging outside or in public like school

What is a Bangkok wedgie?

It is when you are given a wedgie or hanging wedgie and someone hits or kicks you in the nuts.

What is a hannging wedgie?

its when someone gives you a wedgie and leaves you hanging on something

What is the easiest wedgie?

the best wedgie is the one that my momma makes outta those lil chipie potato snack bits, that right there is the best wedgie in the world.

Can you wedgie a cheerleader?

yes when they are not looking just sneek up on them and pull there thong/panties up and watch as your cheerleader is in a wedgie and trying to get it out but they wont because you are holding up there thong/panties

What do you call a frontal wedgie?

It's called a front melvin

What a Melvin wedgie?

A Melvin is when you grab the front of someone underwear and pull up. Also know as the frontal wedgie.