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You can eat but not to much.

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Q: Should you eat before running
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What foods should you eat before running?

Ideally you should eat a meal consisting of 50 to 75 grams of carbohydrates before running a marathon. If you are training you should eat 15-30 grams of carbs before going out.

What food should you eat before running 3 miles for time?

You should eat baked sweet potatoes, in small amounts, Dried mangos, you should also drink cytomax.

Is it okay to eat an apple before running?

Absolutely, in fact, eating an apple before exercising gives you extra energy. But, I advice you to eat an apple maybe 30-40 minutes before running not right before running.

What is good nutrition for running an ultra marathon?

What is good nutrition for running an ultra marathon are alot of fruits and veggies. If you are looking to eat healthy before you participate in an ultra marathon you should eat alot of veggies.

What should you eat before a 3 mile run?

wait at least 2 hour before running u could have pasta which is the best energy source

When do runners eat?

One hour before running

When should you eat before a competition?

You should not eat right before a competition becuase you may feel nervous and throw up. You should at least eat 30min. before a competition

What kind of food should you eat before a marathon?

dont eat to close to running time of course, but you might look into lean meats, and bread- for the carbohydrates which will give you energy.

How often should you eat on a run?

If you can eat while running then as much as you want

Are eggs good to eat before running race?


What is good to eat before running the mile?

It's good not to eat at least 2-3 hours before running.And it's the best to eat some fruits, vegetables. It's better not to eat meat, chocolate, don't drink milk.

How to not crap my pants while running a 5k cross country race what should i eat drink when should i use the toilet etc?

Use the restroom an hour or two before the race.Eat easily digestible foods about an hour or two before the race such as bananas, granola bars, etc. The night before eat high-carb foods.

Can you eat a meal before or after working out?

You should eat a Meal before you start your workout and after

Should a person eat before or after you exercise?


Why should you not eat sausages if you are running?

because you will choke on it. pull over and eat it standing or sitting.

Should you eat breakfast before you run?

Yes, you should eat breakfast in the morning because if you don't you will be burning the wrong sort of fat or if your just running to get fit for a purpose; e.g boxing running extra its important to have breakfast like a bagel with peanut butter some cereals with cold milk protein bars.

Should you eat before or after exercise?

You should eat first as it burns calories faster.

Should patients not eat before coronary stenting?

After midnight the night before the procedure, the patient should not eat or drink anything.

What should you eat before eat 1.7 mile run?

You should eat a bannana, a handful of raisins or hashbrowns

What to eat before a workout?

u should not eat anything

Are bananas good to eat before running?

Yes, they are. They prevent you from getting cramps.

What are the best foods to eat before a running race?

The best foods to eat before a running race are anything that is high in carbohydrates and low in fat. Something like banana, oats, pasta or bread are all good choices.

Should you eat before taking accutane?

Yes, you should eat before taking accutane. If you don't, overtime it will burn a hole in your stomach.

What kind of food should you eat before softball?

Before softball you should eat fibre, fruits and cereal and low fat food

What should football players eat before a game?

You should eat banana, but eat it about 2-3 hours before you eat. Another thing you can do is, the night before your football game, eat pasta. Pasta is rich in fiber and has a complex carbohydrates which is what athletes need.