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There is a version for women, and for protection, they should wear one.

Answer: There is no such thing as a jockstrap for women, but there are women's groin guards. Jockstraps are made to support men's testicles because they hang loosely between their legs and it is painful if they get bounced around by running (balls are the most sensitive part on the body). Women do not need this support, and do not need jockstraps, because their genitals are almost totally internal and protected by their bodies. It is mandatory in Baseball for men to add a cup to their jockstraps to cover their sexual organs and protect them from impacts which are extremely painful and can cause infertility. In softball, women have the option to wear "groin guards" which are made to protect the vulva and pelvic bone but are more like a padded strip that is shaped to fit between her legs.

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Q: Should women wear a jock strap playing softball?
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