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Yes, of course women should play sports. Women are equal to men in all ways, including sports.

I agree with the person above. Yes, women can play sports. Every human being needs fun things once in a while, and women are just as equal to men as animals are equal to humans.

Women should increase their involvement in sports. It is their legal right to do so. You can learn more by clicking on the link below.

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Q: Should women play sports
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Should women play all sports?

Yes they should

What sports women play on?

Women play sports of all kinds.

Mixed teams of men and women in sports should be encoureged?

no, women should stay home and take care of the men who have actual talent and play sports

How many women play sports?

There are millions of women currently who play sports. Women now play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and several other sports.

Should women play rugby?

Yes. Sports should not discriminate on race, religion, or gender.

What are sports that women are not allowed to play?

There are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. However, there must be a minimum amount of participating women for there to be an actual sports association for women (as there are men), but there are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. Something strange at my school is that girls can play football but boys can't play volleyball.

When were women first allowed to play sports?

They were allowed to play sports in 1900.

What sports did women play in 1920?

Women did not play lots of sports in 1920 like they do now in 2014. Some of the sports women played were tennis, croquet, and some golf.

Did women play sport in roman times?

women do play sports in rome

What are the sports of middle age women?

Middle-aged women can play any and all sports!

How many sports can women play due to Title IX?

women can only play a 6-player games. but there are a many but not much sports women can play during title 9. women were mad!

What sports did women play in the 1920's?

They will play Tennis

Do women play contact sports?

Yes, the play Rugby.

What sports do Ojibwa people play?


What sports did women play in the 1940s?


When will women and men play sports together?

Co-Ed Sportsmen and women will be able to play sports togather when men realize that women are just as equal as them and realize that we wont get hurt when we play against them, we can actually beat them :) answered by a women.. (who loves sports)

How can you stop sexism in sports?

As a woman: play sports. Both: take more of an interest in women's sports or have fun playing sports with (other) women.

What are the effects of sexism in sport?

Women play sports?

Did women play sports in the 1920's?


What states let women play sports?


Which sports were acceptable for women to play in 1920?


Do more women get hurt in sports then man?

not as many women play sports as men but there is the same chance of getting hurt

What were the olympic sports that women were not allowed to play?

any sport that i feel women cannot play which is quite a few.

What would the call to action be in a persuasive essay where you are arguing that women should not play on men sports teams?

thesis statement

Should you play sports if you have whiplash?