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Yes they should draft Colt mc coy

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โˆ™ 2010-03-16 20:31:01
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Q: Should the Arizona Cardinals draft a quarterback in the first round of the draft?
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Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2007?

Levi BrownAlan BranchBuster DavisSteve BreastonBen Patrick

What teams has Kevin Kolb played for?

Since his NFL draft in 2007, Kevin Kolb has played on the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he debuted on, the Arizona Cardinals, and the Buffalo Bills. Kolb is currently the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills.

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2005?

Antrel RolleJ.J. ArringtonEric GreenDarryl BlackstockElton BrownLance Mitchell

Who was the first round 2005 NFL Draft pick from the University of Miami?

Antrel Rolle by the Arizona Cardinals

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2006?

Matt LeinartTaitusi LutuiLeonard PopeGabriel WatsonBrandon JohnsonJonathan LewisTodd Watkins

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2004?

Larry FitzgeraldKarlos DansbyDarnell DockettAlex StepanovichAntonio SmithNick LeckeyJohn Navarre

What team did Larry Fitzgerald start his football career with?

Arizona Cardinals 4th pick 2004 draft.

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2003?

Bryant JohnsonCalvin PaceAnquan BoldinGerald HayesKenny KingReggie WellsTony Gilbert

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2000?

Thomas JonesRaynoch ThompsonDarwin WalkerDavid BarrettMao TosiJay TantJabari IssaSekou Sanyika

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2008?

Dominique Rodgers-CromartieCalais CampbellEarly DoucetKenny LwebemaTim HightowerChris HarringtonBrandon Keith

Who did the Arizona Cardinals draft in 2002?

Wendell BryantLevar FisherJosh MccownDennis JohnsonNate DwyerJason McaddleyJosh ScobeyMike Banks

Who was Mr Irrelevant in the 2001 NFL Draft?

Tevita Ofahengaue from Brigham Young was Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals as the 2001 256 overall pick.

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