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yeah it should. Other wise the feeling of both will feel different and most likely you will be hitting every where. Doesnt have to be the same shaft just use same flex.

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Q: Should the 3 wood shaft be the same as the driver shaft?
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Is there a difference between a wood golf club and a driver golf club?

The main differences are a fairway wood has a smaller head, more loft and a shorter shaft. Obviously the driver has a larger head to a maximum of 460cc, a loft of mainly 8.5 to 10.5 degrees, and a shaft which can be around 44-46 inches long.

What is the shaft of an arrow made of?


What club should hit farther 22 degree hybrid or a 18 degree 5 wood?

In theory you should hit the 5 wood farther. This is due to the less loft and longer shaft.

What is a rescue driver in golf?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. There is however rescue clubs (also known as hybrids), these are clubs which are a blend of a wood and an iron, they have the loft of a long iron, and the shape of a wood. It has a shorter shaft for a better attack angle and more control.

Why have les pauls long shaft?

It may be the wood is so thick so you have to make do with long shaft

How do you remove wood from a hockey stick?

By applying heat to the shaft at the end of the stick where the wood is to be removed.

What is the material to make claw hammer?

A steel head and a wood shaft.

What is an ash shaft on a spear?

type of wood used: from ash tree.

For all you golfers how do you cure an iron hook and a driver slice - my irons all tend to go left while 3-wood and driver go right - I suspect shaft length but how do you modify your swing to fix it?

your iron heads are closed at impact. this means the face of the club is pointing to the left of your swing plane (or target line). the face of your driver and 3-wood is open at impact. this means the face of the club is pointing to the right of your swing plane (or target line). and yes, shaft length could be a factor. you are getting some rollover on your iron shots while with the driver, you are out in front and the club head does not catch up and turn over due to length. try slowing down your swing with the driver and 3-wood and try swinging a little harder on your iron shots to see what happens.

What is wood chisel?

A steel shaft with wood or plastic handle, any number of shapes, but all with a sharp bevelled point.

Can a pool cue shaft be made out of oak wood?

yes I am 99% positive that you can make a pool cue out of oak wood

What is a composite lacrosse shaft?

composite means the use of different materials. a lacrosse shaft can be a composite of many materials such wood and carbon fiber.