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Yes. Players change sides after an odd number of total games.

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Q: Should tennis players change sides of the court when the set score is five to four?
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What is the tennis players favorite place to play?

A tennis court, for tennis.

Do professional tennis players swap sides on the tennis court?


How many players are on court during a doubles match in tennis?

There are 4 players on the court in a doubles match.

How many players are on a tennis court?

Two or four.

What is a court?

it is a place where basketball or tennis players play on

How many players are needed for the table tennis games?

"To play a game of table tennis there are usually two or four players, just like in a real tennis game played on a tennis court. Tennis across a table or across a tennis court is still fun."

Which side of a tennis court do you call the ad court?

The ad side of a tennis court is the players left side. Or the opponents right side.

How does the tennis surface effect the players.?

On a different court surface you should not only adjust your timing and rhythm but also your strategy!

What are health and safety rules of tennis?

cool Dont hit the person on the other side of the court with your racket. All tennis players should wear shoes(obviously).

Where is tennis played?

Tennis is played all over the world by every age, race and sex. Tennis is played on a tennis court located anywhere there are tennis players.

What are tennis balls used for?

Tennis balls are sed to play the game of Tennis. Tennis is a game played on a rectangular court by two players or two pairs of players equipped with rackets, in which a ball is driven back and forth over a low net that divides the court in half. Jasmine :)

What has the author Tracy Austin written?

Tracy Austin has written: 'Beyond center court' -- subject(s): Biography, Women tennis players, Tennis players

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