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teachers should be paid more than athlete's, but people are to stupid to realize it. Teachers give us an education that will help us in life, the athlete's don't do anything for us and they are getting paid more than anyone.

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Q: Should teachers be paid more than athletes?
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Should teachers get paid more than athletes?

More than athletes? Teachers do not provide vapid entertainment for drunken hetero males. How will beer and snack food corporations sell their products (empty calorie garbage ) through teachers (Channel 1?)? Whether teachers should be paid more than athletes does not matter in a completely unjust socio-economic system. Teachers and education are worthless to the ruling class.

Why teachers should get payed more than doctors?

Why teachers should be paid more than doctors, is a matter of opinion. I don't believe they should be paid more.

Should athletes be paid more than the president teachers and doctors?

That is all a matter of opinion. Professional sports is a multibillion dollar industry and to the team owners, the athletes are worth the money they pay them.

That athletes get paid too much?

ill have to say that Athletes just enough i even think if they get hurt they should get paid more.

Why should athletes not get paid what they get paid?

Athletes should make as much money as the market will allow.

Why should nfl players get paid more than teachers?


Should athletes players get paid for their skills?

Athletes should definitely get paid for their skills, and they do. Thousands of people come each year to watch them in person, and even more watch them on television.

Should teachers get paid more if there students pass?

I think this is of individual opinion.

Should college athletes be paid to play?

ABSOLUTELY not! College athletes are classified as "amateur" athletes.

Should high school athletes get paid?

Yes they should get paid. Don't they do stuff?

Should pro athletes get paid more than government officials?

It is a matter of personal opinion.

Teachers should get paid more?

Yes they should because sometimes they have to deal with uni-votive students!

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